B2BinPay is constantly dedicating efforts to enhance its blockchain platform, which is the best one in the world. The clients of B2BinPay will witness just how hard the development team has worked, thanks to the version 19 update.

The latest version, V19, introduces several new features, with particular emphasis on novel swaps and the integration of extra blockchain support.

Split-Second Swaps and Competitive Pricing with VWAP

Swapping cryptocurrency assets is a popular and well-liked method of managing them. Unlike traditional exchanges, swaps do not rely on order books but offer direct and immediate transactions between crypto assets.

B2BinPay’s implementation of the VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) system makes the platform even more customer-centred, enabling the system to choose the best available price from various centralised exchanges based on transaction volume.

The company’s clients are no longer required to compare prices across various exchanges, as the company performs this task for them. This ensures that they receive the most advantageous rates for the swaps without any hassle and promptly.

The use of swaps also eliminates two blockchain commission costs for B2BinPay clients. These costs include the transaction fees to the centralised exchange and the transaction fees from the exchange to the B2BinPay wallet. This approach provides clients with more flexibility and affordability when managing their virtual assets.

On the front-end menu, a Swaps Tab provides clients with access to instant swaps. Additionally, there are separate wallets that complement this feature.

Top-Ups Zero Commission Top-Ups and Smooth Transactions

The top-up process for swap wallets in version 19 is tailored to suit various user categories. Customers using digital wallets can enjoy immediate transactions for fast fund transfers. Meanwhile, blockchain wallet holders can benefit from on-chain transactions, which provide transparency and security through blockchain recording. It is important to note that all top-ups must be made in the currency denominated by the wallet to ensure efficiency.

When users top up their swap wallets from their B2BinPay accounts, they can enjoy zero commission. However, if they use blockchain wallets for on-chain transactions, a commission will be charged.

Avalanche and Polygon Increased Blockchain Support

Support for the Polygon and Avalanche blockchains has been added in the latest update. This widens the stablecoin transaction options and includes popular options like USDT, USDC, DAI, FRAX, TUSD, and EUROC on these networks.

Scalability and low transaction fees are the hallmarks of Polygon, making it a favoured option for efficient transactions. In contrast, Avalanche is known for its high throughput and quick processing times, offering a potent platform for swift transfers. By supporting these two, the company is providing its users with the benefits of reduced fees and expedited transactions.

Concluding Marks

B2BinPay’s clients are now more flexible as they can settle in their preferred currency, coin, stablecoin or fiat, with their digital wallets. They can also access a variety of blockchains and cryptocurrencies via blockchain wallets and conduct instant exchanges using swap wallets with the release of version 19.

B2BinPay now provides a complete range of crypto processing services, making it a convenient, all-in-one solution. Moreover, B2BinPay is committed to further enhancing its accessibility by reducing its fees.

The company aims to keep up with the changing needs of the community and industry, which is why it sees its latest release, B2BinPay v19, as a natural progression.