During an interview on January 23, Vivek Ramaswamy, a former Republican presidential candidate, articulated his concerns regarding the potential future launch of a Central Bank Digital Currency (the “digital dollar”), labeling it a significant threat to individual liberty. This conversation was with Bloomberg TV in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Here are the key takeaways from this interview:

Support for Donald Trump and GOP’s Future

  • Ramaswamy expressed his support for Donald Trump, citing the need for an ‘America First’ candidate. He believes Trump is the right leader to address key issues like the administrative state, economy, and national identity.
  • He emphasized the importance of free speech, a topic he feels the Democrats have abandoned, and sees it as a significant opportunity for the Republican Party to redefine its identity.

Concerns Over Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

  • Ramaswamy, whom many people see as a potential future VP in a Trump administration, expressed strong concerns about a potential CBDC in the U.S., viewing it as a threat to liberty in the country. He fears it could lead to government overreach, such as the ability to wipe out individual bank accounts for dissent.
  • He shared these concerns with Trump (around January 17), whom he says was open to understanding the issue. Trump later publicly opposed the creation of a CBDC, aligning with Ramaswamy’s stance.

Vision for Regulatory Reform

  • Ramaswamy discussed his vision for drastically reducing the scope and headcount of federal agencies like the SEC and FDA. He believes this is essential for reviving the constitutional republic and unlocking the economy.
  • He highlighted the importance of restoring a government accountable to the people, in line with the ideals of the American Revolution.

Featured Image via YouTube (Vivek Ramaswamy’s channel)