Tokensoft, a major player in digital asset and compliance, has recently announced its partnership with Chainwire, a leader in blockchain PR distribution services. This strategic alliance aims to elevate Tokensoft’s presence in global crypto communities by leveraging Chainwire’s state-of-the-art PR platform.

Chainwire, which was co-founded by Elad Mor, Itai Elizur, and Nadav Dakner (CEO), stands out as a leading PR and news distribution service in the blockchain industry.

Source: Chainwire

Clients can choose a package that meets their specific requirements and financial constraints. Once selected, they can conveniently upload their press releases onto the platform. This enables the simultaneous dissemination of their announcements across numerous prominent blockchain website homepages.

Tokensoft is widely recognized as a premier platform for initiating and scaling token-based projects. It has successfully assisted approximately 100 projects, facilitating the raising of over $1 billion and orchestrating large-scale token events. Tokensoft’s notable client roster features industry leaders like Avalanche, Arbitrum, Connext Network, The Graph, Moonbeam, Acala, and Synthetix.

Mason Borda, Tokensoft’s Co-Founder and CEO, brings a rich history in tech, with stints at Boeing, SSL, and Broadcom, before diving into digital assets in 2013, creating foundational blockchain and Ethereum-based custody solutions. In 2017, he launched Tokensoft to enhance token launches with greater scalability, security, and compliance. The other co-founder, James Poole, who has a decade of experience at security software giants like Symantec and RSA Security, pivoted to digital assets in 2014, focusing on tax software and payment infrastructure.

Tokensoft offers a suite of products and services designed to address key challenges in compliance, fundraising, awareness building, community engagement, and networking. Prioritizing security and regulatory adherence, Tokensoft’s advanced technology streamlines the execution of diverse token-related and community-focused events, including both public and private token sales, airdrops, grant initiatives, and ambassador programs, as well as distributions for teams and investors.

The collaboration with Chainwire marks a significant step for Tokensoft in amplifying its messaging. Chainwire’s PR distribution platform is known for ensuring widespread coverage across top crypto media outlets. Chainwire offers a unique feature that enables clients to upload their press releases and track their impact via a dedicated, intuitive dashboard, that delivers real-time updates on campaign performance across various territories and publications.

Chainwire’s reputation as a trusted PR service provider in the crypto domain is well-established, with a clientele that includes a diverse range of crypto entities such as exchanges and protocol developers. By aligning with Chainwire, Tokensoft is set to enhance the visibility and impact of its token distributions and fundraising initiatives, crucial for executing complex global campaigns like token claims and user verification programs.

According to the press release shared with CryptoGlobe, Nadav Dakner, CEO of Chainwire, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Tokensoft’s successful track record in token issuance and fundraising with leading blockchain foundations and protocols.

He anticipates that this collaboration will significantly boost Tokensoft’s ecosystem, expanding its reach and engagement with relevant audiences and communities:

Tokensoft’s reputation precedes it, having worked with the leading blockchain foundations and protocols to successfully deliver token issuance and fundraising campaigns. We’re delighted that they’ve chosen Chainwire to be their PR partner. Together, we look forward to helping the Tokensoft ecosystem get more awareness and reach more audiences and relevant communities.

Echoing this sentiment, Noah Walker, Chief Business Officer of Tokensoft, emphasized the company’s commitment to leveraging the best technology and support for its ecosystem.

Walker pointed out Chainwire’s extensive and guaranteed access to global publications as a key reason for this partnership, expressing excitement about the potential impact on Tokensoft’s clients:

Tokensoft is committed to providing the best technology and support to our ecosystem. We’ve chosen Chainwire because of its significant and broad access to publications around the world – with a full guarantee of publication. We’re excited to see the impact for our clients.

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