BitDegree, the leading Web3 educational hub, has just released the world’s first gamified Web3 Exam, backed by blockchain-recorded results and NFT Certificates. It’s a free learning adventure that will reward each eager learner with a one-of-a-kind NFT Certificate of Completion and a shot at winning other incredible prizes from the $500K prize pool.

This Exam is nothing like the usual test learners take in school or university. It is more of a game that has three levels (Starter, Explorer, and Evangelist), catering to a spectrum of Web3 proficiency. Every participant who scores at least 10 points in either level will get a chance to mint a free NFT Certificate.

Each certificate is authentic, featuring both the level of the participant’s knowledge and their score range.

BitDegree has also crafted an NFT certificate verification tool, enabling anyone to validate their authenticity. The tool displays the certificate’s level and exact score, as well as verifies its legitimacy. So, if you think someone flaunted their Web3 knowledge, you can fact-check to ensure their claims are genuine based on a wallet address.

Currently, BitDegree’s NFT certificates act as “Proof-of-Learn”, allowing each owner to demonstrate their expertise in the Web3 space. However, there are many more possibilities for different use cases in the future.

One of BitDegree’s co-founders, Danielius Stasiulis, elaborates on their vision:

“These NFT certificates can serve as more than just proof of learning; they can become tickets granting entry, a means to filter individuals. They can also be used to extend invitations to exclusive groups, provide special discounts, or offer unique access to additional privileges.”

Each BitDegree NFT Certificate carries a distinctive digital identifier securely recorded on the blockchain. It’s a perfect tool to showcase obtained knowledge.

Stasiulis also adds:

“Consider Guilds as an example. Currently, there is one BitDegree Guild, but we plan to introduce additional project-based Guilds in the future. We’re even exploring the option of enabling projects to establish their own Guilds. Picture the convenience an NFT certificate brings – acting as a distinctive pass, affirming its owner as a legitimate member of your Guild.”These are some exciting visions for the future, for sure. Yet, anyone who wants to score a free NFT certificate can do it now by visiting the BitDegree website and enrolling in the Web3 Exam.