On 29 November 2023, the pseudonymous crypto educator “A Chain of Blocks” (COB) took to social media platform X to deliver a comprehensive analysis of XRP, predicting its rise to $50 and detailing reasons for its current undervaluation and impending surge.

1. Use Case and Demand: COB began by emphasizing XRP’s broad utility. He described XRP as a global network for the Internet of Value, facilitating swift and easy monetary transactions. COB noted XRP’s adoption by major financial players like MoneyGram, Banco Santander, and American Express, highlighting its compliance with laws in various jurisdictions. According to COB, a CoinCodex report puts XRP’s potential market at an impressive $27 trillion.

2. Comparison with Ethereum: COB then compared XRP favorably against Ethereum. He cited XRP’s superior transaction speed (1500 transactions per second against Ethereum’s 15), lower transaction costs, and greater scalability. According to COB, XRP’s consensus protocol and federated sidechains allow for more complex smart contracts than Ethereum. He also pointed out XRP’s lower inflation rate, which is attributed to its fixed supply.

3. Environmental Aspects: COB underscored XRP’s negligible carbon footprint compared to Ethereum’s. He applauded XRP’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025.

4. Social Impact Initiatives: COB highlighted XRP’s involvement in various initiatives like the XRPLedger Foundation, Ripple for Good, and Xpring platform, which he said focuses on innovation, inclusion, and sustainability in the crypto space.

5. Technological Advancements and Community Support: COB concluded by praising XRP’s technological advancements, such as the XRPLedger and the Interledger Protocol. He lauded the strong support from the XRP community and Ripple’s leadership under CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

COB’s analysis concluded with an urging to investors not to overlook XRP’s potential, suggesting it could generate significant wealth in the future. He encouraged seizing the opportunity before it was too late, predicting that many would thank him later for this advice.