On 20 November 2023, during an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Emily Chang, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella provided insights into the company’s stance and future plans regarding artificial intelligence (AI) and its partnership with OpenAI. The discussion covered various aspects, including leadership changes at OpenAI, Microsoft’s commitment to AI innovation, and the broader implications of AI in society.

Nadella emphasized Microsoft’s enthusiasm and confidence in their AI innovation roadmap, stating, “we were very excited, committed, and confident in our Innovation roadmap.” He reaffirmed Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI and its leaders, including Sam Altman, regardless of their positions within OpenAI.

Nadella discussed recent leadership shifts at OpenAI, including the hiring of a new CEO. He expressed Microsoft’s continued commitment to working with Sam Altman and the OpenAI team, saying, “we continue to be committed to Sam and Greg and the team irrespective of where they are.”

Nadella highlighted the need for governance changes at OpenAI to ensure smooth partnerships. He stressed the importance of avoiding surprises and maintaining clear communication channels, mentioning, “we definitely will want some governance changes so that…we know surprises are bad.”

Nadella confirmed that Altman and Brockman are in the process of joining Microsoft. He outlined their roles in leading an advanced AI research team, focusing on cutting-edge AI developments, and stated, “we have a ton of AI expertise in this company.”

Nadella addressed the importance of considering AI safety and ethical implications from the outset of technological development. He mentioned Microsoft’s efforts in AI alignment and safety, including work on open-source AI models, and emphasized, “we should think about the unintended consequences of any great advances in technology from day one.”

While acknowledging potential legal complexities, Nadella focused on Microsoft’s ability to innovate in AI. He left legal liability issues to be sorted out by legal experts, emphasizing Microsoft’s control over its AI destiny by saying, “I’ll let the lawyers figure out what liabilities are.”

Featured Image via Pixabay