On October 20, Robert Kiyosaki, the highly successful author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series of personal finance books, shared his financial predictions for silver, gold, and Bitcoin, sparking conversations among investors and financial analysts alike.

Robert Kiyosaki is a financial educator, entrepreneur, and the bestselling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” a book that has become a cornerstone in personal finance literature since its publication in 1997. The book contrasts the financial philosophies of his “Rich Dad,” a savvy businessman, and his “Poor Dad,” a well-educated man with traditional views on money. Through this juxtaposition, Kiyosaki challenges conventional wisdom about money, investing, and financial education. His work has sold millions of copies globally and has been translated into dozens of languages, making him an international authority on personal finance.

Kiyosaki’s influence extends beyond his books. He has developed educational games, hosted seminars, and appeared on numerous television shows and podcasts to share his financial wisdom. His insights into the financial markets, real estate, and investment strategies have garnered him a large and dedicated following on social media platforms, where he regularly shares his views and advice. This has made him a respected voice in investment circles, and many consider his financial predictions to be noteworthy. His credibility is further bolstered by his background in entrepreneurship and real estate, sectors where he has achieved significant success.

Over the past three years, Kiyosaki has been vocal about his skepticism toward the Federal Reserve’s economic policies, particularly in the wake of various crises. He has consistently advised his substantial social media following to shield themselves from anticipated high inflation rates by investing in silver, gold, and Bitcoin.

In an episode of Anthony Pompliano’s “Pomp Podcast” released on 7 April 2021, Kiyosaki described gold and silver as “God’s money” and Bitcoin as “open source people’s money.”

Furthermore, on 30 December 2022, he expressed his bullish stance on Bitcoin to his 2.3 million followers, highlighting its commodity status as a safeguard against potential future actions by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Yesterday, Kiyosaki took to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to share more of his financial forecasts. He predicted that gold prices would soon surpass the $2,100 mark and could eventually reach as high as $3,700. He also indicated that Bitcoin, which is currently testing the $30,000 level, could soar to $135,000. Additionally, he foresaw silver prices rising from $23 to $68 per ounce. Kiyosaki ended his post with a cautionary note, warning that those who save in “fake dollars” would face financial repercussions and urged people to be vigilant about their financial choices.