OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently appeared on an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, which was aired on 6 October 2023, where he expressed his enthusiasm for Bitcoin. Altman described the cryptocurrency as a “highly rational” development in technology that operates independently of government control. He emphasized that this autonomy could be instrumental in combating corruption on a global scale.

During the interview, Altman also touched upon Bitcoin’s potential to serve as a world reserve currency. He expressed concerns about the rise of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stating that they could lead to increased governmental oversight and control. Altman, who is also the founder of Worldcoin, believes that the transition to a “tech-driven world,” which includes the adoption of Bitcoin, could significantly diminish corruption.

Altman said:

I think this idea that we have a global currency that is outside of the control of any government is a super logical and important step on the tech tree.

Joe Rogan, the podcast host, also conveyed his own positive outlook on Bitcoin. Despite his reservations about the broader cryptocurrency market, Rogan stated that he sees Bitcoin as the most promising candidate for becoming a universally accepted form of currency. He highlighted Bitcoin’s limited supply and the decentralized nature of its mining process as key factors contributing to its potential success.

Rogan said:

The real fascinating crypto is Bitcoin. To me, that’s the one that I think has the most likely possibility of becoming a universal viable currency. It’s limited in the amount that there can be [and] people mine it with their own [computer].

Altman has been a vocal advocate for Bitcoin for a long time. He once wrote in a decade-old blog post that a world where transactions are conducted in Bitcoin would be more transparent. He reiterated this sentiment in the podcast, stating that financial transparency could be a powerful tool in reducing corruption.

Both Altman and Rogan expressed strong reservations about CBDCs. Rogan went on to say that these digital currencies could give governments even more power over individual spending habits, linking them potentially to social credit scores. He said this would not be in the best interest of society but rather a means for governmental control.

Altman also criticized the U.S. government’s recent approach to the cryptocurrency industry. He expressed disappointment in what he perceives as the government’s “war on crypto,” stating that this stance is detrimental to the country’s progress.

Featured Image via Midjourney