Prominent crypto analyst Crypto Assets Guy (CAG) recently took to social media to offer a contrasting perspective on the future price of XRP, a popular cryptocurrency. Amid a flurry of optimistic forecasts suggesting that XRP could reach double or triple-digit values, CAG calls for a more grounded approach.

CAG expressed his respect for the XRP community but cautioned against overly optimistic price predictions. He stated that XRP is unlikely to reach price points of $10,000, $1,000, $50, or even $10 in the near future. Instead, he offered a more measured outlook, suggesting that XRP could potentially reach its previous all-time high of $3.8 by late 2023 or 2024. According to CAG, achieving this level would be a satisfactory outcome for investors.

CAG’s viewpoint serves as a counter-narrative to some of the more extravagant price predictions circulating in the crypto sphere. For instance, a few recent analytic projections have estimated XRP’s future value to be between $869 and $1,000. Another financial expert has even claimed that XRP could be worth more than $500 due to its role in facilitating cross-border payments.

CAG’s opinion has sparked a range of reactions within the XRP community. While some agree with his call for a more balanced perspective, others have criticized his projections.

On 10 October 2023, CAG shared a detailed list of 20 factors that make him highly optimistic about XRP, Ripple’s associated digital asset. CAG’s rationale spans from XRP’s unique legal status in the U.S. to its technical edge over other leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

CAG emphasized that XRP is the only digital asset in the U.S. with clear legal standing, having been officially deemed not a security. He also highlighted the asset’s technical merits, noting that XRP transactions are quicker, more cost-effective, and eco-friendly compared to those of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, he pointed out the absence of gas fees and delays, describing XRP as offering a smooth user experience.

He praised the XRP ledger for its unparalleled security, stating it has never been compromised. He also lauded the user-friendly XUMM wallet, which he claimed outperforms MetaMask in every way. CAG argued that XRP excels in cross-border payments and has secured partnerships with globally influential banks and corporations.

He also mentioned XRP’s unique use case, predicting it would drive significant adoption. CAG applauded Ripple’s team for their skills and transparency, noting their two victories against the SEC. He indicated that XRP has room for growth and is attracting significant liquidity from major investors. He also predicted an upcoming crypto bull run and noted a shift of Ethereum whales to XRP due to corruption issues in the Ethereum network.

CAG observed a current decline in the stock market, leading people to consider crypto as a safer investment. He also anticipated Bitcoin spot ETF approvals within the next five months, which would positively impact the entire crypto market. Lastly, he mentioned the possibility of a full settlement between Ripple and the SEC by 19 April 2024 and commended the XRP community for its loyalty and strength.

Featured Image via Midjourney