Prominent cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten recently expressed concerns about the future trajectory of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the two leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Sharing his insights with the 511K subscribers of his YouTube channel, Merten highlighted the absence of bullish momentum for both assets, suggesting that further market dips might be on the horizon.

Merten pointed out that the anticipated bullish support for Bitcoin and Ethereum did not materialize as expected. This lack of support, he believes, could spell trouble for the entire altcoin market, including Ethereum. He specifically drew attention to warning signs surrounding Ethereum, indicating a potentially significant drop in its value in the coming weeks. The analyst emphasized the vulnerability of Ethereum’s ascending support line.

Merten further elaborated that the situation might deteriorate if bullish investors do not step in to buy and support the assets, especially given their failure to bolster prices recently. He noted that the market’s distribution and supply point was at the $2,000 mark for Ethereum. If bullish support doesn’t emerge soon, the ongoing positive trend for the cryptocurrency might be jeopardized.

One of the primary concerns Merten raised is the current imbalance between Ethereum sellers and buyers. He believes that no bullish tokenomic factors can counteract this imbalance. Mertens warned that Ethereum might breach its support level, potentially dropping below $1,000.

He argued that the difference in liquidity, driven by the number of buyers versus sellers, determines price trends. Even among those optimistic about a new bullish phase, the prevailing market sentiment seems to be one of caution. Merten concluded that Ethereum and the broader cryptocurrency market are grappling with fundamental challenges.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $25,936, reflecting a 10.74% decline over the past one-week period, while Ethereum is priced at $1,641, marking an 8.87% decrease during the same period.