In a recent video on her YouTube channel “Crypto Tips,” Heidi Chakos, a well-known crypto educator and influencer, discussed what she considers the most bullish news of 2023: Uniswap’s trading volume surpassing that of Coinbase.

According to Chakos, in the first quarter of 2023, Uniswap recorded a trading volume of $155 billion, outperforming Coinbase’s $145 billion. She emphasized that the majority of trading on Coinbase is conducted by institutional investors, making Uniswap’s achievement even more significant.

Chakos argued that this data is particularly bullish for retail investors who know how to trade cryptocurrencies autonomously. She pointed out that those who understand how to take custody of their coins and participate in decentralized platforms are ahead of the curve, especially compared to institutional investors who are bound by regulations.

The trend seems to be continuing into the second quarter of 2023, with Uniswap already outperforming Coinbase by $20 billion. Chakos also noted that during bear markets, Coinbase experienced an 83% decrease in trading volume, whereas Uniswap only saw a 50% drop. She believes that decentralized exchanges like Uniswap could be the catalysts for new bull markets in the crypto space.

In addition to discussing Uniswap, Chakos also touched on Lido staking. She mentioned that the last token unlock for $LDO is happening soon, which could be an opportunity for those bullish on the token. She cautioned that this is not financial advice but merely information for those interested in Lido.

Chakos also highlighted the risks associated with using centralized platforms, citing the recent hacking incident involving bankruptcy claims for FTX and BlockFi. She warned that personal information stored on centralized platforms is a “honeypot for hackers” and advised viewers to be cautious about sharing their personal data.