In a video released on YouTube channel “Crypto Archie” yesterday, the host his top five low-cap altcoins to buy and accumulate for the current bull run. He mentions that these picks are based on current prices and the utility of the tokens. This report summarizes what he says about each token.

First up is Kaspa ($KAS), which the host mentions has a market cap of $760 million. According to him, Casper is at a key level on the chart, making it an opportune time for accumulation. He describes it as a fully open-source, decentralized project that employs unique block DAG technology. The host believes that Kaspa has effectively solved the blockchain trilemma, balancing scalability, security, and decentralization. He sets a price target of 20 to 50x from its current levels.

Moving on, the host talks about Quick Intel ($QUICKI), a crypto safety tool with a market cap of $1.2 million. He sees it as a 100x project due to its low market cap and the new features it is expected to roll out.

Next, he discusses SaucerSwap ($SAUCE), a decentralized exchange for Hedera Hashgraph ($HBAR) with a $10 million market cap. He feels that if $HBAR performs well, $SAUCE could see gains of 30 to 50x.

The host then introduces CheckDOT ($CDT), an insurance cryptocurrency that also offers audits and safety features. He says the team is fully doxxed and calls it 100% a good project. Although he did not mention the market cap, it is just under $2 million.

Finally, he talks about HELLO ($HELLO), which currently has a $25 million market cap. The project is involved in various sectors like NFTs and gaming. The host is particularly excited about the Killer Whales TV series (Hello Labs calls this Web3’s answer to “Shark Tank”), which will feature big names in crypto and is expected to bring a lot of attention to HELLO Token.

Featured Image Credit: Photo / illustration by FlitsArt via Pixabay