In the heart of Concepción de Ataco, a small town in western El Salvador, a young man named Gerardo Moran is transforming his life and his community through Bitcoin.

Gerardo’s life took a dramatic turn when Bitcoin was declared legal tender in his country in September 2021.

Gerardo’s early years were marked by hard work. From the tender age of 11, he was already working in construction and tourism, earning a meager $6 a day. However, the introduction of Bitcoin in El Salvador sparked a curiosity in him. Despite his neighbors’ initial resistance and skepticism, Gerardo saw potential in this “magic internet money.”

He decided to take a leap of faith, quit his construction job, and immerse himself in the world of Bitcoin. His mantra? “Stay humble and stack sats,” a phrase popularized by Bitcoin advocate Matt Odell. Gerardo realized that the fear surrounding Bitcoin was not about the cryptocurrency itself, but rather the unknown. This revelation led him to believe that education was the key to overcoming these fears.

When his school introduced the Bitcoin Diploma, Gerardo jumped at the opportunity. He excelled in the program, thanks to his teacher, Napoleon Osorio. Gerardo’s dedication and passion didn’t go unnoticed.

Source: Twitter

Out of 60 students, he and a fellow student, Daniel Viana, were chosen to become teachers themselves.

Today, Gerardo is a proud educator in the western region of El Salvador. His job has opened doors for him that he never thought possible. It has allowed him to continue his studies, meet new people, and pass on his knowledge to students not much younger than himself.

Gerardo’s journey with Bitcoin has taken him to places he never imagined. He has had the opportunity to meet the team behind “My First Bitcoin” (or “Mi Primer Bitcoin” as it is called in El Salvador) and hear their inspiring stories. He is also the eading Bitcoin education in his hometown, teaching the Bitcoin Diploma to a group of senior professors at his former high school.

For Gerardo, Bitcoin is more than just a cryptocurrency. It represents freedom for individuals and for his country. Despite his young age and inexperience, Gerardo is determined to show people what Bitcoin truly is.

Featured Image Credit: Photo / illustration by petre_barlea via Pixabay