In a recent interview with CNBC’s Deirdre Bosa, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston shed light on the company’s latest AI-powered products and its strategic direction. Houston’s insights provide a glimpse into how Dropbox is adapting to the evolving technological landscape and leveraging AI to enhance its offerings.

Dropbox recently unveiled two new AI-powered products, including a universal search bar called Dash. This tool connects major platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook, making it easier for users to search across different applications. Houston explained that the idea behind Dash was to make it as easy to search a company’s knowledge or an individual’s own stuff as it is to search all of human knowledge with a Google search.

Houston believes Dropbox is well-positioned to succeed with these new tools because of its platform-agnostic approach and its established trust with millions of users. He emphasized that in the AI world, trust and privacy are more important than ever, and Dropbox aims to provide a service that users can rely on.

The CEO also touched on the broader business context, acknowledging that like many companies, Dropbox has had to respond to the macro environment and invest more in the future. He sees the launch of these new products as a significant opportunity and a natural evolution of what Dropbox does for its customers.

When asked about the monetization of Dropbox’s new AI tools, Houston expressed confidence in the potential of these products. He pointed out that while there are many competitors in the file sync and share space, no one is really solving the problem of universal search. He sees this as a huge unsolved problem that affects a billion knowledge workers, and believes that Dropbox’s new tools can provide a solution.

Houston also shared his thoughts on the state of San Francisco, where Dropbox is based. Despite the challenges faced by the city, he highlighted the benefits of being in a place that is home to great companies, talent, and schools. He believes that the city continues to be a hub of innovation, particularly in the field of AI.