New York, United States, April 15th, 2023, Chainwire

Yesports is thrilled to announce the launch of YESP, a utility token setting the pace for the Yesports platform where esports, gaming, and competition thrive. 

Fuelling fan engagement and innovation, Yesports continues in its mission to further develop the premier esports platform for web3 games, creating more gamified experiences and offering staking rewards through YESP, enabling holders to receive further benefits through trading, listing, and more. YESP, now live, can be purchased through a number of exchanges.

“We are beyond excited about YESP as it enables our users to access exclusive features and benefits on our platform such as the No Loss Prize Games, and play an integral part in our journey, shaping the future of the gaming industry,” says Sebastian Quinn, CEO of Yesports.

“As the platform expands, we aim to ensure our community has a say and welcome feedback through a governance process while also offering rewards for staking and engagement within the platform.”

YESP allows users to seize control of their experience on the platform like never before. Users will receive direct access to the best of web3 gaming via No Loss Prize Games, exclusive esports branded drops and discounts, and future metaverse engagement features that will enhance their gaming experience. And, as token holders, users can gain exclusive early-access spots, the latest drops, and new perks.

“We wanted to create a token that not only provides utility, but also rewards our users for being a part of the Yesports community,” adds Matt Peters, Head of BD & Marketing. “With YESP Token, we’re able to do just that. We’re focused on delivering the most valuable digital products for gamers everywhere, and YESP is a foundational step towards achieving that goal.”

Since 2021, Yesports has amassed 11+ esports partnerships, more than any other platform in the space. The trust built among the industry partners has enabled the team to offer completely unique products in collaboration with more than 50 web3 games. Yesports stands out in its offering of many different fan engagement features from gamer No Loss Prize Games, the first esports leagues in web3, specialty round-robin tournaments, branded game items, and rare collectibles.

With the launch of YESP, Yesports is poised to disrupt the traditional gaming industry and bring entertainment and access even closer to the user. 

Official Information 

For the safety of users, the Yesports team will never contact users regarding offers or request login details. Users should only use official Yesports links for information regarding YESP. Users are responsible for the security of their wallets. For more information, users should follow the official Yesports Twitter account @Yesports_gg.

About Yesports

Yesports is disrupting the traditional gaming world and democratizing the industry in its mission to deliver complete, user-friendly experiences and bridge the gap between gaming, fans, and web3. Bringing entertainment and access closer to the user, Yesports is leading the way in creating a more inclusive gaming world leveraging new technology. Backed by leading VCs and built with world-leading technology, Yesports is focused on delivering the most valuable digital products for gamers everywhere.

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