Binance has recently unveiled an AI-powered educational tool, Binance Sensei, to enhance users’ learning experience on its platform, Binance Academy.

Integrating artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, into various applications has gained traction, making 2023 a landmark year for AI adoption. Binance aims to harness AI’s potential to revolutionize access and interaction with educational content, providing users with a more engaging learning experience.

According to Binance’s blog post, by leveraging ChatGPT technology, Binance Sensei streamlines users’ exploration of Binance Academy’s extensive library of educational resources. Users receive clear, straightforward responses from the AI tool by entering keywords or posing questions in a chat interface, allowing for a more user-friendly learning experience. Binance Sensei caters to diverse learning preferences, making it an ideal companion for those seeking to expand their understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Binance Academy, established in 2018, is a wide-ranging educational hub providing various types of content, including articles, guides, videos, and glossary entries, in over 30 languages. Its core mission is to democratize access to knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies for people with varying expertise levels. The platform is entirely free, ad-free, and does not require any payment or registration. Additionally, Binance Academy offers a Learn and Earn program that enables users to acquire crypto while learning about Web3 through interactive quizzes and videos.

To try Binance Sensei, users can visit the Binance Academy website, find the bot icon, and initiate a conversation with Sensei via the chat feature. The AI-powered chatbot delivers succinct summaries responding to users’ inquiries and recommends three articles for further reading.