This article explores how CCData’s industry-leading institutional-grade comprehensive cryptocurrency dataset could serve as a game-changer for AI companies in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

On March 30, 2023, London-based CryptoCompare, a leading provider of real-time digital asset data, market insights, and indices, announced the launch of its new brand, CCData.

Established in 2014, CryptoCompare has been a reliable source of market data for the digital asset industry. As institutional demand grows, the company aims to strengthen its offerings under the CCData brand, while CryptoCompare will continue to serve the retail sector.

According to the company’s press release, CCData will concentrate on providing institutional-grade data solutions, indices, market insights, and its flagship London event, CCDAS.

The proprietary technology developed by CCData offers the most comprehensive, accurate, and real-time digital asset data available, making it the preferred choice for financial institutions, regulators, hedge funds, and other market participants. Under its new brand, CCData plans to maintain its dedication to world-class data solutions, market insights, and client service.

CCData holds authorization as a benchmark administrator by the FCA and is dedicated to supplying financial institutions with accurate, real-time digital asset data. The company’s data streams come from over 300 exchanges, covering an extensive range of 300,000+ currency pairs. CCData’s unique combination of proprietary technology, in-depth knowledge of digital assets, and vast network of data sources allow the company to deliver the industry’s most all-encompassing, reliable, and real-time digital asset data.

Digital currencies have emerged as a vital component of the worldwide economy. As the market evolves, AI companies need access to a diverse and all-inclusive dataset to maintain a competitive edge. CCData, a frontrunner in data provision for the digital currency industry, presents an abundance of data for AI companies to make data-driven decisions and enhance their business tactics.

In a blog post published on April 24, 2023, CCData Co-Founder and CTO Vlad Cealicu highlights the advantages of their wide-ranging data for AI/ML companies, focusing on spot/reference rates, derivatives, options trade datasets, open interest, funding rates, and OHLC minute values going back to 2011. The post also introduces CCData’s novel on-chain dataset, which includes comprehensive block data for Ethereum (and all tokens built on it), Bitcoin, and the top 30 blockchains.

CCData’s exhaustive dataset offers complete coverage of the digital currency market, encompassing spot/reference rates, derivatives/options trade datasets, open interest, funding rates, and OHLC minute values. AI companies can use these data points to create predictive models, evaluate risk, and fine-tune trading strategies.

Their new on-chain dataset enables AI companies to examine on-chain metrics, identify potential risks, and improve smart contract analysis. Furthermore, CCData’s up-to-the-minute news aggregation ensures AI companies stay informed about the latest market developments, regulatory shifts, and emerging trends.

By integrating extensive asset data with real-time news updates, AI companies can efficiently navigate the complex digital currency market and make informed decisions for the betterment of their clientele and the broader ecosystem.