According to a recent tweet from a core developer, the Dogecoin (DOGE) project is set for a significant upgrade. The update, which will introduce new features and improvements, is designed to make the popular blockchain more user-friendly and accessible to non-developers.

One of the major additions in the upgrade is the support for BIP39 seed phrases. This feature will enable users to generate mnemonic phrases, which are used to secure their private keys. In addition, the update will support the generation of seed phrases in multiple languages.

Another notable enhancement is the full support for BIP32/44 and SLIP44 HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) addressing. This allows Dogecoin to properly derive keys and addresses according to the respective rules and produce child keys/addresses for enhanced security and organization.

The upgrade will also introduce QR code support, making it easier for users to share their Dogecoin addresses. The blockchain will be able to generate QR codes in text, JPEG, and PNG formats without needing additional libraries.

Message signing is another new feature coming to Dogecoin. Users will be able to sign messages and transactions and verify them, further enhancing the network’s security.

The update will also streamline dependencies and improve support for building on Windows using MS Visual Studio 2022 and CMAKE. In addition, developers can now query a flag to check if Dogecoin was built with networking functionality.

Lastly, Dogecoin will now provide users with the current moon phase Unicode, allowing for creative applications of this fun feature.

Numerous fixes and enhancements have been made in this upgrade, including memory integrity checks, truncation fixes, length checks for edge cases, and updates to Go and Python wrappers. In addition, the Dogecoin team has also updated its CI workflows and added many quality assurance improvements.

The Dogecoin community can look forward to even more exciting developments in future updates as the project continues to evolve while maintaining its lightweight and cross-compatible nature.

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