TripleC, a GameFi incubation and distribution platform, has recently received backing from KuCoinLabs to expand its gaming ecosystem. GameFi is a rapidly growing market that uses blockchain technology to allow players to earn cryptocurrency and generate income through various in-game activities. Investors see GameFi projects as good investments for the future of the gaming industry and for web 3.0 Internet and the meta-verse. TripleC aims to address the current pain points in the GameFi market by incubating and publishing web 3 games that are fun to play and reward players for their effort in the form of digital assets.

One of the most significant assets of TripleC is its experienced and resourceful team. The founders come from diversified backgrounds and have decades of combined experience in serial entrepreneurship, game production and development, Internet product design, and financial transactions. They understand the game industry and have the resources to deliver what they promise. Moreover, they have put in a lot of effort into designing the game distribution platform, the token economics, NFT marketplace, and the metaverse of player interaction.

TripleC has also signed deals with world-renowned game development companies such as Century Games and Crystal Labs to publish their games on the TripleC platform. The games that TripleC has added to the pipeline are successful Web2 games that have a proven record of popularity and market and fans. Not only do these games bring players to the platform, but they also provide Web2 game experience and rich and fun playability not yet seen in the Web3 world. TripleC will release in 2023 the first 3A GameFi game: OUTER. Its developer, Crystal labs, has invested more than 5 million U.S. dollars in research and development. The grand worldview, diverse gameplay, and sustainable tokenomics system will bring an unparalleled and rich gaming experience to the Web3 world.

In addition to game development, TripleC has also reached strategic cooperation with world-renowned cultural and entertainment companies such as Japan’s Tezukasha and Tokyo Pictures. TripleC will bring the most exciting IPs from animation to the Web3 world in the form of NFTs and GameFi games. TripleC has the right to release Web3 products related to popular animation IPs such as Astro Boy.

TripleC’s unique market opportunities stem from its ability to bring well-established Web2 games into the Web3 world, transitioning traditional players to futuristic blockchain players. With TripleC’s enthusiasm, extensive networking in the gaming industry, strategic cooperation with major IPs, and a dedicated team, the company can carry out its mission of bringing millions of Web2 players to the Web3 world, envisioning a new, prosperous, and thriving gaming community that adopts futuristic blockchain technologies.

KuCoinLabs’ backing will undoubtedly help TripleC expand its gaming ecosystem and reach more players. With its experienced team, strategic partnerships, and unique market opportunities, TripleC is poised to become a major player in the GameFi industry.