Last Friday (March 3), investment education website Investing Reviews revealed the results of a study into the most Googled questions about investing and answers given by its CEO Simon Jones to ten of the most popular questions.

According to the findings of Investing Reviews’s research, the question “How do I invest in cryptocurrency?” is the most googled investment-related question, which is a sign of the growing interest in the asset class.

Jones says that cryptocurrency can be invested via various cryptocurrency exchanges, with Coinbase and Binance being two of the most popular options. However, he points out that it is crucial to do thorough research and exercise caution before investing, as the cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility.

The study also shows that investors are keen to learn more about starting investing, how much to invest when starting, and what to invest in. These questions suggest that many individuals are still relatively new to investing and may be looking for guidance on how to get started.

Additionally, the fact that the question “What is passive investing?” is one of the most commonly googled investment-related questions is noteworthy. Passive investing is a strategy that aims to maximize returns while minimizing buying and selling. This long-term approach to investing can appeal to those looking for a simpler and less hands-on investment approach.

The study also reveals that investors are keen to know how to trade safely and the safest investment options. Regarding the latter, Jones says that it is important to note that every investment carries some risk. However, he points out that certain investments, such as property, have a more reliable track record for growing one’s money.

Two of the ten most frequently Googled investing questions were about cryptocurrency. In particular, the 7th most common question (31,100 combined monthly global searches) was, “Is cryptocurrency a good investment?”.

This was the Investing Reviews CEO’s answer:

The cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile and whilst this can mean you can get a fast return and make money quickly; you can risk losing it just as fast. Therefore, cryptocurrency investing can require a lot of time and effort and if this isn’t something you’re able to commit to, it might be worth looking at investing into something else. There are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin that are generally considered more ‘stable’ than others such as Dogecoin, however caution should still be practised.

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