Bittrex Global CEO, Oliver Linch, predicts that traditional finance giants will soon aggressively adopt crypto to capitalize on the industry’s opportunities.

As The Daily Hodl reported yesterday (March 21), during an interview with crypto analyst Scott Melker, Linch anticipated that leading financial institutions like Goldman Sachs would play a more significant role in crypto.

Linch believes that institutional adoption will not hinder crypto but rather accelerate innovation. He stated, “They’re going to come, and they can try and beat us, and they’re going to be more innovative. They’re going to be more aggressive. They’re going to be pushing the boundaries much harder with their weight. That makes the industry better.”

Furthermore, Linch expects numerous partnerships between traditional financial institutions and crypto sector players. He emphasized, “The big change will happen when they stop fighting it, and we stop fighting them. And we start talking about partnering and working together.”

Linch also highlighted that many financial giants established crypto divisions within their companies during the bear market, positioning themselves for the industry’s growth. He pointed out that every major bank now has a substantive crypto desk for trading and partnerships.

Linch urged the crypto community to view these traditional institutions not as adversaries but as allies, saying, “Show them a way that it can be done and it can make them money, and I guarantee you they won’t stand in the way of that. They’ll be pedal to the metal to exploit that opportunity.”