James Mullarney, a cryptocurrency analyst and host of the popular YouTube channel “InvestAnswers,” recently shared in an interview with David Lin that Bitcoin is inadvertently undergoing its most effective marketing campaign to date. Mullarney suggests that the ongoing banking crisis has led to increased adoption of Bitcoin as people search for safe havens for their assets.

The analyst highlights that during the crisis in the last ten days, there has been a significant acceleration of new Bitcoin wallets, and the cryptocurrency’s value has risen by 70% in the past 90 days. People are now questioning where to store their money as they lose trust in banks and treasuries, which have been debasing currency through excessive money printing. The stock market also appears unappealing due to the potential of an impending recession.

As a result, many individuals are turning to Bitcoin as an alternative asset class. Mullarney argues that the flagship cryptocurrency was built during the last financial crisis and is designed to thrive in such situations. Many people are now considering allocating 2%-5% of their cash to Bitcoin as a precautionary measure.

Despite its recent success, Mullarney points out that Bitcoin’s adoption rate remains relatively low, with only 2.5% of the global population embracing the digital asset. The analyst believes that the 97.5% of people who have not yet adopted Bitcoin may do so in the future as the current banking crisis highlights the value of the cryptocurrency.

Earlier this month, Mullarney predicted a potential positive trend in Bitcoin’s price in the coming months, particularly in April and May, which are historically known for high returns on investment. According to Mullarney, buying in March is crucial to ensure gains in April, as the next 60 to 90 days usually bring the biggest returns.

Mullarney noted that there is heavy bullish action on Deribit, with many investors buying calls with strikes ranging from $25,000 to $32,000, indicating confidence in Bitcoin’s potential growth in the next few months. He cautioned that market corrections are always possible, but his analysis suggests a potential positive trend in Bitcoin’s price in the coming months.

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