Nassau, Bahamas, 7th February, 2023, Chainwire

Mizar has announced the release of its smart trading terminal. The software solution saves traders from having to constantly monitor the market and from missing out on profitable trading opportunities.

Mizar’s cutting-edge platform is designed to help traders of all levels make smarter decisions, increase profitability, and easily take advantage of market movements. 

A suite of powerful tools includes trading signals to buy or sell, along with tools to reduce risk such as Dollar Cost Average (DCA) bots, performing take profit and stop loss, and much more. The platform offers multiple features such as a smart trading terminal, automated long/short bots, a portfolio manager dashboard, and copy-trading. 

With these features combined, investors can easily manage and optimize their holdings while simultaneously reducing the risk associated with sudden market volatility. Mizar’s user-friendly design makes it easy for even crypto beginners to benefit from advanced algorithmic trading.

Mizar’s smart trading terminal integrates multiple exchanges from a single terminal complete with enhanced analytics, which not only save traders time but allow for better decision-making and assets management capabilities. 

TradingView charting integration makes it easy to analyze market trends and make informed decisions. Additionally, traders can build up their own signals and indicators to set up trades accordingly. Furthermore, they can access numerous APIs (such as TradingView webhook and Telegram bot commands) in order to integrate advanced functionality into their trading bot system if desired.

All of Mizar’s features are available without any subscription fee. Traders can finally get rid of monthly fees or recurrent fees and pay based on their real usage. Mizar’s business model relies on $MZR, the native utility token, which will be launched soon on Ethereum. Follow Mizar on Twitter and Telegram to get live updates and give the platform a try by signing up The first $10,000 of trading volume comes with zero fees.

About Mizar
Mizar makes it easy for anyone to start trading cryptocurrencies and become a trader. Through its user-friendly interface, users can automate their trades to control emotions and set low-risk strategies with bots and smart trading tools on their favorite CEX and DEX. On top of that, a two-sided marketplace allows users to copy-trade from professional traders who can monetize their skills in turn. 

All features offered on Mizar are available subscription-free, with no required monthly or fixed fees. As a result, even beginners can access powerful trading tools normally only accessible by professionals.


Francesco Ciuci
Alien Technologies Ltd
[email protected]