B2Broker, a provider of technology and liquidity for Forex and cryptocurrency industries, now offers Centroid-powered turnkey brokerage solutions. A Centroid-based infrastructure provides efficient multi-asset connectivity, seamless risk management, and low-latency trading functionality for B2Broker clients. As a result, businesses will have more flexibility when building or growing their operations.

There are a number of benefits brokers can get from Centroid’s technology:

  • The Centroid-based margin accounts from B2Broker provide exceptional liquidity across seven asset classes, with the ability to manage all transaction flows from one place. You can view the full list of trading instruments here.
  • By opening a margin account with B2Broker, clients are able to use Centroid’s advanced analytics capabilities, such as live monitoring of business exposure, client activity assessment, detection of arbitrage and other aggressive trading activities, risk alerts setup, and much more, keeping brokers aware of market developments at all times.
  • With Centroid’s connectivity bridge engine, B2Broker can provide clients with enhanced liquidity management tools to enable sophisticated pricing and execution models, as well as allow for more effective liquidity aggregation.
  • In addition, Centroid integrates with all common trading platforms, including MT4, MT5, and cTrader. Additionally, it integrates with FIX, Web, and other bridge-based APIs.

The Centroid Solutions CEO, Cristian Vlasceanu, spoke about the Centroid Solutions partnership and integration with B2Broker: “We are excited to partner and offer our solutions to B2Broker, a true market leader, as we share the same desire to continue to innovate, push boundaries and offer the best technology and solutions for customers. It is refreshing to see this, and we are happy that we can help their clients succeed. Through their powerful setup, brokers can benefit from the wide range of multi-asset products offered by B2Broker, and make use of Centroid’s connectivity bridge and risk management solutions, which together will give a competitive edge.”

Arthur Azizov, the CEO of B2Broker, commented: “We believe that all our clients, including brokers, hedge funds, prop trading firms, liquidity providers, PoP LPs, exchanges, and market makers, ought to have access to the best technology available in the market. Centroid has proven its capabilities and gained popularity among many financial institutions. We are delighted to partner with Centroid Solutions as a venue of choice in order to distribute tier 1 liquidity, including the number one Crypto CFD offer to all of our clients, whether you are a starting business or a matured operation.

About B2Broker

B2Broker is a prominent player in the B2B industry, providing technology and liquidity to crypto and Forex brokers, crypto exchanges, and other financial services firms. The company has a long history of helping businesses grow, offering liquidity in over 800 instruments across all asset classes, including crypto, Forex, and CFD. Aside from that, B2Broker offers a range of software solutions for businesses, including crypto payment processing (B2BinPay), MT4/5 white label solutions, B2Core (Trader’s Room), B2Trader (Matching Engine), and more.

B2Broker, with its ten offices in key locations across Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, is a one-stop shop for Forex, cryptocurrency, and securities solutions. The company has an impressive number of licenses (FCA AEMI, CySec, FSA, etc.), allowing it to offer services in over 50 countries while building up an enviable client list that features some of the biggest names in the finance industry.

About Centroid Solutions

Centroid Solutions is a fintech firm that provides multi-asset market connectivity, risk management tools, quantitative data analysis, complicated execution techniques, and performance optimization for multi-asset brokerages. Centroid helps brokers to access a comprehensive set of technologies and infrastructure designed to boost companies’ efficiency, expand their product offerings, and streamline their development.

As a global company with its headquarters in Dubai and several regional offices in many regions, Centroid Solutions is ideally positioned to serve a wide range of clients from around the world with localized solutions and services designed to meet each client’s individual requirements.