This article takes a closer look at some of this week’s most bullish news about highly popular meme-based cryptoasset Floki Inu ($FLOKI).

What Is Floki Inu ($FLOKI)?

According to its developers, $FLOKI is “the people’s cryptocurrency,” and it “aims to be the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world.”

$FLOKI is “cross-chain and available on both the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain.” The $FLOKI token has “a maximum supply of 10 trillion with 9.13T $FLOKI tokens in circulation.” It is worth noting that “there is a 3% tax on every buy and sell,” which “goes to the FLOKI treasury which is used for development of the FLOKI project, partnerships, making the world a better place through charitable initiatives, and creating awareness about FLOKI while ensuring adoption for our utility products when they go live.”

The Floki Inu team says that some of the projects that will use the $FLOKI token are as follows:

  • Valhalla: “FLOKI’s PlayToEarn NFT Metaverse game will feature A-level game mechanics on the blockchain and upgradable NFTs.
  • FlokiPlaces: “FLOKI’s soon-to-launch NFT and merchandise store will let you trade NFTs and merchandise with crypto.
  • Floki University: “FLOKl’s crypto education platform is tailored to your needs regardless of your level of cryptocurrency experience.

The FLOKI team requested a security audit from CertiK on January 19, and the final report was delivered on February 25:

Source: CertiK

$FLOKI Listed by Vietnamese Investment App With Over 2 Million Users

As Cointelegraph reported on 20 December 2021, “in mid-October 2021, Onus, a digital-asset investing application developed in Vietnam, reached 1.5 million people in just 18 months and is among the top trending worldwide financial investment applications on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.”

Source: ONUS

The report went on to say that “90% of Onus users come from Vietnam, along with other popular nations such as Nigeria, India, the Philippines and Indonesia,” and that “investors can start with a small investment of just a few dollars.”

Well, on April 12, the ONUS team announced that they had added listed $FLOKI, thereby allowing their users to “send and receive FLOKI with other users in the ONUS network” as well as “swap from USDT to FLOKI and vice versa.”

Binance Publishes a Guide That Tells Its Users How to Buy $FLOKI

On Tuesday (April 12), the world’s most popular crypto exchange published a “How to Buy Floki Inu (FLOKI)” guide, which promoted the $FLOKI team to tweet that this means that the meme-based cryptocurrency “is being noticed by movers and shakers in the crypto industry.”

$FLOKI Ad Spotted on MTV

Yesterday, the $FLOKI team pointed out that one member of the community had spotted a $FLOKI TV commercial on American channel MTV.

As you may remember, on February 19, the $FLOKI team announced that it was launching a TV advertising campaign in Turkey and the U.S.

The $FLOKI team mentioned that the campaign was launching on February 21 with a 15-second TV commercial in both the U.S. and Turkey. They said that this commercial would run for one month and that then a 40-second version of the commercial would air and run for one month.

The Floki team went on to say:

  • This move into television further cements the project’s place at the top of the heap in terms of crypto marketing. Based on available data, the TV campaign is expected to have over 250 million impressions.
  • The Floki Vikings have set our sights on becoming a household name in 2022, and these television ads will move us toward that goal. Vikings don’t quit. To quote our project’s marketing director: ‘There is no mainstream story without a great comeback.’


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