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At the end of 2021, the innovative cryptocurrency PLC Ultima, based on the Litecoin blockchain and minting technology, entered the international market. The project’s ecosystem has been in development since 2016, an includes more than ten popular products, plus the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform and the global marketplace PlatinDeal. The project has grown to become a community of 1.7 million users, and PLCU coins are actively used worldwide for everyday purchases and business purposes.

Safe and flexible PLC Ultima technologies

The developers of PLC Ultima have expanded the functionality of the Litecoin blockchain by introducing the CryptoNight hashing algorithm, which Bytecoin, Electroneum, CryptoNoteCoin and Monero use. CryptoNight guarantees the network the highest level of protection against DDoS attacks, 51% attacks, and blockchain falsification. The changed encryption algorithms significantly improve security.

PLC Ultima offers several wallets. The internal wallet has advanced functionality for investors and allows them to create transactions and digitally view them. The Ultima Wallet is universal. It has more straightforward functionality. The second type of wallet (Ultima Wallet) is best suited for regular users and beginners.

PLC Ultima uses a commission burning of coins in 1% PLCU for any transaction.

PlatinHero crowdfunding platform

Platin Hero is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform based on blockchain, minting, and smart contracts. Users or legal entities can launch campaigns to collect donations to implement projects, be it a charity or a start-up. Thanks to Platin Hero, more than 100 projects launched in the fields of medicine, entertainment, media, Fintech, etc.

Adding your project with the moderation stage in mind takes several hours. Thanks to the minting of PLC Ultima, investors don’t spend money to support them, they only freeze the required number of coins in the wallet for a period, after which they receive their funds back along with a reward.

In exchange for donations, investors receive rewards.

Cryptocurrency marketplace PlatinDeal and PlatinSale

A marketplace based on PLCU has existed since March 2020, gaining tremendous fame in Germany and other European countries. The service is available in five languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish, and Hindi.

You can purchase items with fiat money and cryptocurrency PLCU coins in the marketplace. PlatinSale is a platform for placing private ads where users can sell their products and services. PlatinDeal has branded goods that can be purchased with special coupons.

Register to become a buyer on PlatinDeal. If you want to become a full-fledged merchant and open your store, you must pass the appropriate platform verification. PLC Ultima cooperates only with trusted suppliers.

PLCU Global Infrastructure

PLCU offers its users the Platin Passport service, which integrates all user information providing a unified entrance to all related products of the ecosystem. Reviews of PLC Ultima claim the service makes the use of the project’s ecosystem comfortable, fast, and convenient.

In 2022, the crypto project plans to begin a full-scale launch of vending machines, PoS terminals, and crypto cards, are currently in testing mode. Among the pilot projects of PLC Ultima is its payment system Platin Pay to pay for purchases and services globally.

The cryptocurrency intends to become an everyday payment for individuals and businesses. That is the goal of all the products developed within the PLC Ultima ecosystem.

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