On Thursday (September 23), during an interview, Coinbase Co-Founder and CEO Brian Armstrong talked about Bitcoin.

Armstrong’s comments about Bitcoin were made during an interview on The Best Business Show, which is hosted by  Anthony Pompliano (aka “Pomp”), Co-Founder and Partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets.

Armstrong said that he is still excited by Bitcoin and believes it will remain the cryptoasset that is the best store-of-value:

Bitcoin is kind of what got me super excited about crypto in the first place. I still am excited about it… I hold a ton of Bitcoin… I think that… it’s going to be around forever as basically, you know, the gold or the money of this of this industry.

I’m seeing adoption and interest across a lot of different assets. I think that’s generally good thing. You know, Coinbase has always tried to be agnostic about which one wins and which one doesn’t… We just want to basically serve our customers with whatever they want to do…

“I always am a little frustrated seeing some of the tribalism that happens online… Twitter is kind of built for conflict and warfare, and I don’t think it actually represents what the majority of the industry feels, which is probably a much more nuanced view, which I know you have as well…”

As for other blockchains and cryptoassets, Armstrong had this to say:

We already are in this world where the crypto economy is built of a number of different assets and blockchains that have different purposes. whether that’s to be sort of gold or payments or security contracts or gaming or derivatives… So there’s more and more things that are going to keep coming out.

I think, well, my guess is that we’ll eventually be in a world where there’s maybe dozens of blockchains, but there’s millions or billions of tokens… There’s going to be so many tokens that it’s like kind of hard even to imagine where that ends.


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