Since El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced at Miami’s Bitcoin 2021 conference last Saturday (June 5) that he was going to make Bitcoin a form of legal tender in his country, politicians in seven other Latin American countries are indicating that they too are interested in Bitcoin.

Two people from El Salvador that quickly adopted the laser eyes meme were Mónica Taher, the head of Technological & Economic International Affairs at the Government of El Salvador Trade & Investments Secretariat, and Ernesto Castro, the incumbent President of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador:

Since June 5, politicians from seven more countries in central and South America have come forward on Twitter to seemingly show their support for what President Bukele is trying to do.


Congressman Carlitos Rejala:


Congressman Gabriel Silva:


Francisco Sánchez, the National Deputy for Neuquén:


Fábio Maia Ostermann, an elected member of the Legislative Assembly in Rio Grande do Sul:

And Gilson Marques, a member of the National Congress:


Jehudi Castro Sierra, Vice-Minister of Digital Economy, an advisor to the President of Colombia:

Back in January, he posted the Bitcoin white paper to the Colombian government’s website:


Indira Kempis Martinez, Senator of the Republic of majority for the State of Nuevo León:

Alejandro Murat Hinojosa, a politician affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party, who is currently the Governor of Oaxaca:


Julio Eduardo Clavijo Acosta, Vice Minister of Economic Inclusion:


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