Veteran crypto trader and DataDash founder Nicholas Merten has given his list of top crypto assets to watch in 2021. 

In a recent YouTube video, Merten called Ethereum his number one crypto asset to follow in the coming year. He said ETH had great growth potential and highlighted the impact of decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. 

He said, 

With the preparation for ETH 2.0, its long-term game plan to scale to thousands of transactions per second while also shifting its consensus mechanism to proof of stake, which brings dramatic decreases to energy consumption, Ethereum is setting itself up for major success in the long run.

Merten pointed to Ampleforth (AMPL) as his second most bullish asset in 2021, likening the project to a blockchain-based central bank that had the potential to deflate its token supply. He called AMPL a stable token in the DeFi space that would attract more use cases in the future. 

The veteran trader was also excited about Uniswap (UNI), calling the project the largest automated market maker in the DeFi space. 

He said, 

With the growing number of liquidity providers on the platform, the wide range of supported tokens, and its relatively low fees, it has become superior to many major exchanges, even outpacing the daily volumes of companies like Coinbase.

Merten rounded out his top five crypto-assets to follow with Chainlink (LINK) and the Synthetix-based asset management protocol dHEDGE (DHT). 

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