On Tuesday (November 17), the day that the Bitcoin price broke through the $17,000 level, Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego said that 10% of his liquid Assets are in Bitcoin.

Ricardo Benjamín Salinas Pliego is the founder and chairman of Mexican conglomerate Grupo Salinas. On April 7, Forbes declared Salinas Pliego, whose net worth estimated to be $11.7 billion, the second-richest man in Mexico, and said that he was “the only Mexican billionaire whose fortune went up over the past year.”

On 23 March 2015, OroyFinanzas.com reported that the Mexican billionaire had placed a bet on Bitcoin by forming “an alliance with Bitreserve, the San Francisco-based Bitcoin exchange founded late last year by Halsey Minor, former founder and CEO of CNET.” It went on to say that his father is famous gold and silver bug Hugo Salinas Price.

Well, yesterday, the Mexican billionaire recommended the book “The Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammous to his over 800K followers on Twitter, and said that this was the best and most important book for understanding Bitcoin. More interestingly, he revealed that 10% of his liquid assets are invested in Bitcoin.

Also, a few hours earlier, he sent out a tweet that had an embedded video purportedly showing a Latin American country where banks throw away worthless paper money — he referred to this as “inflationary expatriation”: