It appears that France-based users of the Just Eat food delivery service (which works in a similar way to Uber Eats) can now use Bitcoin to pay for the food delivered to their home.

Just Eat’s website, which was redesigned recently following the takeover in February of Just Eat by, allows customers to order from more than 15,000 restaurants. As the result of this acquisition, Just Eat is a subsidiary of dutch company Just Eat Takeaway N.V. In France, Just Eat trades under the name “Just Eat”.

As part of this website upgrade, payment methods were expanded:

“Payment methods have been expanded to include Apple Pay, Google Pay (via our Just Eat app) and Bitcoin, in addition to other payment methods offered by the restaurants (credit card, PayPal, cash, checks or restaurant vouchers).”

The ability to pay with bitcoin was enabled with the help of crypto payment processor Bitpay.

According to Just Eat France, here is how Bitcoin payments work:

“Choose the ‘Bitcoin’ option when you finalise your order. Then simply click on ‘Order’. You will be redirected to Bitpay, our Bitcoin payment provider.

“Your Bitcoin wallet will be opened and a payment request will be made. Then the payment is processed. For the current exchange rate of Bitcoin, see Bitpay.

“When the payment is successfully completed, you will be redirected to our site. The order will arrive in our system and will be sent directly to the restaurant.

“We do not charge any fees for Bitcoin payments. To make a Bitcoin payment, you need to create a digital wallet by downloading special software or an app.”

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