When traders first select an exchange, they usually focus on the following points: a limited and standard trading toolkit of general crypto trading pairs, long/short orders, fiat gateways, and stablecoins. However, The Bex500 exchange has a different opinion, it’s well integrated with cryptocurrency and traditional finance, gives a different crypto derivatives trading experience with a game-changing approach.


Bex500 Exchange Highlights

The Bex500 exchange is a multiple asset trading & exchange with up to 200x leverage of margin trading. It launched in 2018, and is now one of the progressive platforms to offer four trading products- Perpetual Contract, Forex, Commodity, and Double Contract.

The Bex500 exchange has various valuable and exciting options to all their users, including an outstanding welcome bonus (20% extra BTC for the first deposit, all Bonuses can be withdrawn), zero withdrawal fees, low trading fees (only 0.05%) and no KYC (know your customer)

The Bex500 exchange fits all requirements from freshmen and seniors in crypto and stock trading, providing not only powerful but an easy-to-use trade toolkit and five language options (English, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, and Russian)

Instruments & Assets

In the crypto products (Perpetual Contract and Double Contract), Bex500 exchange provides traders with USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP. For commodity traders, it orders in silver (XAG/USD), gold (XAU/USD), and oil (WTI and BRN) are available. In Forex mode, the most well-known world currencies, including the EUR, USD, JPY, CHF, AUD, and GBP can be traded by all traders.

For both experienced and newbies, Double Contracts offers the one-click mode on BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP. The bidirectional biding mechanism (buy/long or sell/short) allowed users to win the profit whether in the bull or bear market.

Trading Toolkit

Bex500 exchange has integrated a useful trading toolkit, which gives traders a safe and profitable experience.

Stop loss/Take Profit orders. Traders can set limited losses and expected profit orders to avoid unexpected risks from the shocking market. Traders do not need to stay on time to wait for the order execution.

Profit and loss Calculation tool. It helps traders to confirm their profit or loss at any time by using a simple calculation tool.

Locked position. In the Bex500 exchange, traders can set up two opposite direction orders at the same time, in the same account and or on the same instrument. It is the only cryptocurrency exchange that has a “locked position” mechanism.

Bex500 Exchange Values Both Fresh and Professional Traders

The Bex500 exchange is always welcoming both green hand and experienced traders. To help new users to learn to use the platform faster, Bex500 exchange offers a strong simulation trading mode with 5000 USDT demo funds. Newcomers only need one click to switch to simulation trading mode on the trading interface.

The Bex500 exchange also has a trading academy that provides high quality tutorials and lessons to those new users. They can learn the differences between Bex500 exchange’s trading products, how to operate trading, how to calculate profits and losses.

For professional traders, The Bex500 exchange cooperates with the MT5 trading platform, which offers MT5 trading service to traders with web interface and mobile applications on IOS and Android. The MetaQuotes trading system is the most powerful trading system, used by banks and brokers in high-frequency quantitative trading. It gives professional traders option to apply EA trading or programs in the Bex500 exchange.

Moreover, the Bex500 exchange also provides various mature options by ordinary “manual” trading. For example, the cross-margin option is one of the important instruments of risk management. Professionals can operate the whole margin with combined orders with multiple follow-up options (stop-loss/take-profit, etc.)

Security and Privacy

With plenty of news of data leaks and system hacked from famous exchanges like Binance, BitMEX, and Coinbase. The exchange especially emphasizes on security. It builds upon high-level DDoS protection and 2FA-authorization to protect users’ data and accounts. In addition, Amazon’s cutting-edge ElastiCache infrastructure ensures high TPS.

By supporting AML-restrictions, users do not require KYC, which is significant because personal data is the main type of information targeted by crypto hackers.

The exchange has brilliant customer service support. Users can contact them via E-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram and Instagram direct message. Every request is solved within 12 hours.

Fair Trade

If you are a professional cryptocurrency trader, you may be aware of an insider cheat by exchanges. They usually take advantage of overload to “shut down” the trading machine and take the profit from users. However, the abundant TPS of the Bex500 exchange ensures that the overload will not happen in the trading system, even at peak trading time. Traders have full control of their orders despite volatility.

Furthermore, there are other cheating methods from other “shady” exchanges. For instance, the price of the major crypto assets suddenly rises or falls in an unbelievable range. This method increases the possibility to liquidate the positions which creates big losses of users. The price index of crypto assets from the Bex500 exchange is the weighted average from famous exchanges, Bitfinex, Binance, Poloniex, and Huobi. Thanks to this mechanism, there will be no manipulation of crypto asset prices in the Bex500 exchange.

Exchange Pros and Cons


  • The only crypto exchange providing real-world Forex, Commodities and Double contract product
  • Diversified trading toolkits
  • Friendly to new and professional traders
  • Brilliant Bonus program
  • No KYC
  • No extra withdrawal fees
  • Real low service (transactional) fees


  • No mobile application
  • No fiat gateways

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