CRM solution provider Salesforce announced on Tuesday (November 19) that Italian luxury supercar manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini is using Saleforce Blockchain for authenticating some Lamborghini models.

As CryptoGlobe reported back on August 18, for the Monterey Car Week (2019) in California, Automobili Lamborghini (“Lamborghini”) presented something very special: the one-off “Aventador S by Skyler Grey”, a Lamborghini Aventador S in Arancio Atlas (orange) personalized by 19-year-old American artist Skyler Grey “who has been called the “Fresh Prince of Street Art” and is a “rising star of world street art.”

Lamborghini’s press release from that August 16 mentioned that the unique Aventador S by Skyler Grey, which has already been purchased by an art collector, would be the first Lamborghini to be certified via blockchain technology via a pilot project called “Lamborghini Sicura” that was “launched in collaboration with Salesforce and aimed at protecting the car as a work of art.” This involves “a process of authenticity certification, which makes use of Salesforce Blockchain technology to guarantee data security and incorruptibility.” It also said that the aims of this protection system are to “to prevent counterfeiting; to trace and certify all the information related to the model; and at the same time favor an increase of value for all the stakeholders.”

Well, today (November 19), on day one of Salesforce’s four-day Dreamforce conference, Salesforce issued a press release, which provides more details about how Lamborghini is using Salesforce’s blockchain technology.

“When a Lamborghini is resold, the vehicle often goes through 800 to 1,000 certification checks that take place at the Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. Conducting these thorough inspections require Lamborghini technicians to work with a massive network of resources—photographers, auction houses, dealerships, repair shops, newspapers, magazines and other media sources—to curate the full history and most importantly verify all of the parts and service of each unique vehicle. This grueling process led Lamborghini to leverage Salesforce Blockchain to create a trust network between these distributed partners—enabling Lamborghini to authenticate each heritage vehicle faster and more securely than ever before.”

Lamborghini is using Salesforce Blockchain to digitize its authetication process by “creating a trust network among technicians, repair shops, dealerships and more.” Furthermore, “each vehicle will come with an immutable record of service, including restoration, prior ownership and more.” 

Another benefit of using blockchain technology is that “each car is armed against potential counterfeiting—ensuring these exotic vehicles become even more valuable throughout their lifespan.”

Paolo Gabrielli, Head of After Sales at Automobili Lamborghini, had this to say:

Innovation has been at the core of our company since its founding. Salesforce Blockchain will allow us to take our innovation a step further, accelerating the authenticity of our heritage vehicles faster than ever.

As for Adam Caplan, Senior Vice President for Emerging Technology at Salesforce, he stated:

Blockchain is changing the way companies approach trust and transparency. Lamborghini is a perfect example of this—we're excited to see how such an iconic brand is able to innovate and transform the vintage car market with a cutting-edge technology like Salesforce Blockchain.


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