MacOS users have come under attack by a group of North Korean hackers who are presenting themselves as a legitimate cryptocurrency company. 

According to a report by the International Business Times, several outlets are claiming that the most recent attack on macOS was conducted by the Lazarus Group, a collection of hackers supported by the North Korean government. 

Apple Security Specialist Jamf Patrick Wardle published a blog post which outlined the recent malware. According to Wardle, hackers have created a fake cryptocurrency company with the appearance of a legitimate, official website. In addition to the website, the hacking group has established a fictitious firm named JMT Trading and released an open-source trading application to GitHub. 

Users who download the code for the application unleash a malware that targets Apple’s macOS users, allowing hackers full access to the computer’s files. Wardle says the malware allows hackers to execute commands remotely and take control of the user’s computer. 

However, Wardle says the malware is not particularly sophisticated and “actually fairly easy to detect.” He gave a list of recommended security tools for macOS users concerned they may be at risk for downloading the malware. 

The recent macOS malware is not the first time North Korea has been tied to a series of high-profile hacks. In August, it was reported that the country may be responsible for as much as $2 billion in hacks related to crypto and financial exchanges. 

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