You’ve likely seen a photograph of two dapper, well-groomed gentlemen exiting Deutsche Bank’s London offices over the past day, one of whom was rocking a canvas tote with ‘BITCOINS’ printed on its side.

Believing the bitcoin bag-holder is destined to become enshrined in crypto-folklore alongside the likes of Bitcoin Pizza Guy and Bitcoin Sign Guy, we at CryptoGlobe set out to identify him. After having trawled the interwebs, we can proudly say we found and spoke to the man of the moment: Bitcoin Bag Guy.

Now, given the mass layoffs currently transpiring at Deutsche Bank, you’d assume the photographed duo are today adjusting to unemployed life. Certainly, that’s what major media outlets like the Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Daily Telegraph seemed to imply by featuring the photograph – taken by Reuters’  Simon Dawson – in articles covering the Deutsche Bank job cull on Monday.

Much to our surprise, however, the two are no freshly laid-off bankers. As a matter of fact, they aren’t even bankers. What business, then, did they have visiting the beleaguered bank’s London offices? Plenty, actually. As it turns out, both Bitcoin Bag Guy and his associate had just completed a tailored fitting for some of their Deutsche Bank clients.

Yes – explaining the incredibly sharp get-ups and suit carrier bags seen in the now-famous photograph – the besuited duo were indeed tailors representing Fielding & Nicholson, one of London’s premier bespoke tailoring providers.

On the left (yes, ‘Bitcoin Bag Guy’ himself) is consulting partner Alex Riley. And the person walking alongside him? That’s Ian Fielding-Calcutt, owner of the fast-growing luxury tailoring brand.

Speaking to CryptoGlobe about the serendipitously-timed photo that saw him, his fellow Fielding & Nicholson tailor, and the BITCOINS tote feature on the world’s top news sites, Riley said observant “clients and friends” had been pinging him non-stop. “I’ve quite enjoyed reading comments about the picture on Twitter and Reddit,” he added.

Asked whether he knew of Deutsche Bank’s job loss news prior to fitting his clients on Monday morning, Riley – who considers himself “a keen enthusiast for Bitcoin and all things crypto” – said that whilst he’d skimmed it, he “didn’t realize its scale.”

As such, when it came time for the Fielding & Nicholson pair to leave the bank’s offices, they “had no idea” a swarm of photographers had congregated at the entrance; patiently awaiting their chance to snap away at the sight of a forlorn, cardboard box-carrying banker – or, as it were, a couple of tailors toting suit carriers.

“As we walked out, I saw some photographers position themselves for the shot and they proceeded to snap away. Around a hundred shutters later, I turned to my colleague and said, ‘you think we’ll make the news?’”

Alex Riley (aka Bitcoin Bag Guy)

On how he came to own ‘that’ bag, Riley said he was gifted it last summer by his mother, who’d scored it at a London fashion party, where they had been used as goody bags. The tote remains purchasable today, as a matter of fact, at the also London-based retailer, IDEA.

Dubbed ‘BITCOINS Bag’ the cotton canvas tote – which retails for £16.67 – is jokingly described as having been “sized to carry a whole bitcoin.” Explaining the impetus for the bag that made Bitcoin Bag Guy, co-founder David Owen told CryptoGlobe it was seen as a fitting inclusion to an already-existing product line, that is, bags that are “supposed to indicate the content of the bags.”

In the case of the sold-out ‘DRUGS Bag’, for example, Owen explained “the joke is designed to amuse airport security staff.” For the BITCOINS Bag, though, “the joke is a little different,” the crypto-literate business owner pointed out. “As far as we are aware, the currency has no mass to carry around. Standing in the line for Supreme with a big bad of BITCOINS is a self-deprecating postmodern statement (maybe).”