CoinMarketApp, a popular cryptocurrency news and portfolio tracking app that has been downloaded over 950,000 times on both Android and iOS, has recently added new features, as well as access to the “Bitcoin and Friends” show on its YouTube section.

According to information shared with CryptoGlobe, the app now allows users to view the increasingly popular YouTube show directly from it. The ‘Bitcoin and Friends’ show launched on YouTube earlier this year and tells the story of Bitcoin through an animated series.

The show resembles South Park and other Adult Swim animated series, as its artwork and sense of humour aren’t for the faint of heart.

Through its innovative approach to adding new features like the YouTube section, CoinMarketApp has managed to grow to over 300,000 active users, who will now also be able to enjoy new features.

Among them are volume charts for all the cryptocurrencies and for the global market data. Volume is seen as a valuable indicator in the cryptocurrency space, which helps traders and investors gauge the trend’s momentum.

CMA 1.png

Moreover, a new Graveyard feature has recently been added. CoinMarketApp users will be able to take a look at deceased, hacked, or cryptocurrencies associated with scams on it. This won’t just satisfy the curious, but will also help users know what to stay away from.

CMA 2.png

You can contact them through their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Instagram.