Developers of the Tor Project, Inc, a Massachusetts-based non-profit entity focused on research and educational initiatives related to “maintaining software” for the Tor anonymity network, have reportedly decided to start directly accepting donations in cryptocurrency.

9 Different Crytocurrencies Accepted

Those looking to donate to the ongoing development of the Tor privacy-oriented network can now make donations in 9 different cryptocurrencies. As detailed on Tor’s official website, users can make payments to fund its various projects in the following cryptos: Augur (REP), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and Zcash (ZEC).

Wallet addresses for each of the cryptos mentioned above have been provided by Tor’s management team. Although Tor project managers have only listed these cryptocurrencies, they have asked users to send an email to [email protected] in case someone would like to donate in a cryptocurrency not supported on their website.

Other more traditional payment options accepted by Tor include checks or money orders, EU-based bank transfers, Amazon payments, and donating stock shares of companies held by users. As explained on Tor project’s website, those planning to donate have the option of filling out a form with their basic identification information. This includes providing an email address, so that donors can be acknowledged for their contributions. However, this is not mandatory.

Micropayments Accepted In Bitcoin Cash

Moreover, micropayments in BTC are not currently supported “due to the current state of the Bitcoin market,” Tor’s management notes. However, users can make smaller transfers of $5 or less in Bitcoin Cash.

After the funds have been sent to the wallet addresses provided on Tor project’s official site, the digital currency is converted and processed further through US-based crypto exchange, Kraken.

Sarah Stevenson, the fundraising director at the Tor project, told CoinDesk:

[Tor’s donors had] requested direct wallet addresses” and they had also asked for Tor project developers to start accepting other major cryptocurrencies, in addition to BTC.

“More And More” Donors Want To Donate In Crypto

Commenting on the increasing number of requests from users regarding supporting donations in more cryptos, Stevenson remarked:

We decided to accept cryptocurrency because more and more donors requested that option. The Tor Project and the cryptocurrency communities both value privacy, so it makes sense.

Explaining why her relatively small team at the Tor project started accepting other cryptos, Stevenson noted:

We focused on two things: the return on investment of time and effort and the coins donors had specifically requested. We are currently limiting the number of separate wallets we need to monitor and manage and also only accepting currencies that can be converted to fiat via Kraken.