Pundi X, hot on the heels of some other recent firsts, are set to continue setting precedents in the crypto-industry with their announcement of “the world’s first blockchain phone call” made on their new blockchain-focused mobile phone, the XPhone, which Pundi claim will run without the use of a “centralized mobile carrier”.

Adding to the slew of press releases, the Singapore-based company also simultaneously announced their own suite of application layers to support the new phone, including a custom-built blockchain, called Function X or F(X). The home-built app ecosystem is created in order “to decentralize all apps, website, communications and data”, according to Pundi’s press release.

F(X)OS, Pundi’s custom Android 9 distribution running on the new XPhone, allows full compatibility with other Android ecosystem apps, although no further explanation was given. Although the company produced press photos of a seemingly in-house built phone, they also stated that F(X)OS is available for other manufacturers to test.

pundi phone.jpgSource: Pundi Press Release

More than a phone, a ‘total decentralized solution’

The company also announced the FXTP Protocol, F(X) IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), and F(X) Docker. Although few details were given, it seems that Pundi will deploy their ecosystem into both the public IPFS addressing system, and via a Docker packaging system.

Pundi plan to eschew the use of the standardized, but very dated HTTP internet protocol in favor of their FXTP protocol. Every Pundi device will act as a node in their network, although no further details were given about the precise function of each node (e.g., will the nodes store the full blockchain?).

The company submits that their decentralized internet protocol will “guarantee communication without interception and gives users direct access to the data shared by others.”

Pundi are not the first to announce a “blockchain phone”, with HTC recently committing to releasing a blockchain-focused phone, the Exodus, in Q3 of this year.