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Want to get more involved in the crypto space? Here’s a small list of upcoming events for next week you can attend or monitor:

ICOs Ending: DYNO (DYNO), WhenHub (WHEN), Pluto Project Token (GPPT), Vernam (VRN)

ICOs Starting: (HRO), UTEMIS (UTS), Zichain (ZCN*), (BCIO), TrustedCars FLEX (FLEX), BOOSTO (BST*), RAVN Korrax  (KRX), Aussie Digital (AUD), LaneAxis (AXIS), Imigize (IMGZ), Green Energy Token (WPP), Abele (ABELE)

Events: Nexus Conference (Scottsdale, Arizona), World Digital Mining (Tbilisi, Georgia), Block Seoul (Seoul, South Korea), Consensus (Singapore)



ICOs Starting (HRO) – Starts Sep 16, 2018

Start Price: 0.1125 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 2,500,000 USD, Funding Cap: 41,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 500M (50%). is a cybersecurity platform that gathers virtual threat data from users using A.I. Users can either share their threat-related data on and/or use it to develop their own cybersecurity solutions. HRO is an Ethereum-based (ERC-20) token and can be used to purchase cybersecurity services on the platform or to contribute to the platform by uploading anonymized threat data.

UTEMIS (UTS) – Starts Sep 16, 2018

Start Price: 0.01 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 500,000 USD, Funding Cap: 9,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 900M (90%). UTEMIS is a payment platform targeting the Latin America economy. UTS is an Ethereum-based (ERC-20) utility token that can be used as a means of exchange on the platform.

Zichain (ZCN*) – Starts Sep 16, 2018

Start Price: 0.1 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 3,000,000 USD, Funding Cap: 25,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 450M (64%). Zichain is an asset management platform that provides a set of tools for both private and institutional crypto-investors. ZCN is an ERC20 payment token based on the Ethereum blockchain that fuels the ecosystem of Zichain services. It also provides its holders with a 30% discount when using platforms such as CryptoEYE, BAMP, TheIndex.Fund, and the Zichange. (BCIO) – Starts Sep 17, 2018

Start Price: 0.7 EUR, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: -, Funding Cap: 60,000,000 EUR, Coins Offered: 120M (60%). is a comprehensive ecosystem that combines a centralized exchange with decentralized settlement, and offers liquidity services to assist ICO campaigns and listings. BCIO is the ERC-20 token that powers platform.

TrustedCars FLEX (FLEX) – Starts Sep 17, 2018

Start Price: 0.07 EUR, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 20,000,000 FLEX, Funding Cap: 520,000,000 FLEX, Coins Offered: 520M (65%). TrustedCars FLEX is a decentralized ecosystem that aims to offer consumers a convenient way to own a vehicle without the associated ownership responsibilities. In parallel, the platform offers dealerships an additional source of income and access to a new generation of consumers. FLEX is an Ethereum-based (ERC20) token that functions as a medium of exchange, and is also built-into to the platform’s incentives and reward systems.

BOOSTO (BST*) – Starts Sep 19, 2018

Start Price: 0.0198 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 10,000 ETH, Funding Cap: 35,000 ETH, Coins Offered: 500M (50%). BOOSTO is a DApp development platform that provides users (individuals and businesses) with a set of libraries and tools such as SDK, APIs, and Oracle framework services with which to build their applications. BST is an Ethereum-based ERC20 that aims to serve as the medium of exchange on the platform and the predominant means of accessing any tools and applications.

RAVN Korrax (KRX) – Starts Sep 19, 2018

Start Price: 0.05 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: -, Funding Cap: 50000000, Coins Offered: 1000M (50%). RAVN is an invisible and anonymous fully encrypted messenger app. KRX is a stellar-based utility token that serves as a currency on the RAVN app.

Aussie Digital (AUD) – Starts Sep 20, 2018

Start Price: 0.01 USD, Funds Raised: 1356412.50901, Funding Target: -, Funding Cap: 15,000,000,000 AUD, Coins Offered: 15000M (60%). Aussie Digital aims to become an e-commerce platform that provides users with a set of tools to assist them on the digital assets market. Platform features include a trading exchange and an online store, with the AUD token serving users as a medium for exchange, staking or purchasing goods and services.

LaneAxis (AXIS) – Starts Sep 20, 2018

Start Price: 0.25 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 2,000,000 AXIS, Funding Cap: 300,000,000 AXIS, Coins Offered: 300M (60%). LaneAxis is a Blockchain-based transportation platform that works as an intermediary between users (Shippers and Carriers), to provide them with the tools to conduct business with one another. AXIS is an Ethereum-based (ERC20) token that will function as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem.

Imigize (IMGZ) – Starts Sep 20, 2018

Start Price: 0.00010147 ETH, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 1,000,000 USD, Funding Cap: 60,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 869.0M (58 %). Imigize aims to become an online footwear and clothes market that offers a 3D contactless fitting service. The project hopes to use anthropometric data to select suitable products in terms of size and comfort for buyers. IMGZ is an ERC20 token that serves as a currency on Imigize. It will also be used by online stores to compensate the buyer of a given product for granting access to his or her personal anthropometric data and comfort profile.

Green Energy Token (WPP) – Starts Sep 20, 2018

Start Price: 0.20 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: -, Funding Cap: 50,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 2500M (50%). WPP is a renewable energy company that works with governments on multiple energy projects globally. They seek to develop a blockchain-based project with two distinct platforms: Global Green Energy and WPP Exchange. The first will act as a sales facilitator providing green energy solutions, services and goods from green energy suppliers while the second (exchange) will act as a gateway to those products. WPP Token is an ERC20 token, and will be used as a medium of exchange on both platforms.

Abele (ABELE) – Starts Sep 22, 2018

Start Price: 1 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 200,000,000 ABELE, Funding Cap: 700,000,000 ABELE, Coins Offered: 7000M (70%). Abele is a digital assets bank that aims to build a digital financial infrastructure for the token economy. ABELE is an Ethereum-based (ERC20) security token that provides access to the Abele platform’s products and services.


DYNO (DYNO) – Ends Sep 16, 2018

Start Price: 0.0000636 ETH, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 10,000 ETH, Funding Cap: 35,000 ETH, Coins Offered: 550M (55%). The DYNO Web Platform is a tool for storing, sharing and monetising fitness and metabolic data. DYNO is an Ethereum-based (ERC20) token that can be used as a medium of exchange between data owners and purchasers.

WhenHub (WHEN) – Ends Sep 19, 2018

Start Price: 0.25 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 35,000,000 USD, Funding Cap: 40,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 350M (40%). WhenHub is a blockchain-based e-learning platform that allows users to connect with experts for knowledge on any topic via a video call. The financial execution of various calls is handled with smart contracts that uses the WHEN token (ERC-20) for payment.

Pluto Project Token (GPPT) – Ends Sep 20, 2018

Start Price: 0.03 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 10,000,000 USD, Funding Cap: 17,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 660M (66%). Pluto is a distributed data exchange that stores and shares big data for subjects related to global humanitarian issues related to health or poverty etc. Pluto provides users with the tools to share important data amongst themselves. The Pluto Project Token (GPPT) will initially be launched on the Ethereum blockchain, with the intention to migrate to a separate Pluto Blockchain in the future.

Vernam (VRN) – Ends Sep 20, 2018

Start Price: 0.085 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 40,000,000 VRN, Funding Cap: 500,000,000 VRN, Coins Offered: 500M (50%). Vernam aims to become a blockchain-based insurance marketplace that allows insurance companies to sell their plans on the platform. Users will be able to purchase insurance plans with a 0% commission fee and witness their insurance payment activated automatically (through smart contracts) if a previously stipulated event occurs. VRN is an Ethereum-based (ERC-20) token that will function as a currency so that users can purchase insurance plans and/or receive a compensation claim.


Nexus Conference

nexus conference.png

When: Sep 19-22, 2018

Where: Scottsdale, Arizona

Nexus will bring together a series of influential thinkers spanning several sectors for three days of lectures, panels discussions, networking events and more.

A select group of topics among many others, include current updates regarding regulation, the SEC, intellectual property and security threats. Other discussions dive into ICOs from a legal perspective, and others evaluate how blockchain has started to change the music industry.

Notable speakers during this event include: Nicholas Thompson (Editor in Chief at WIRED), Jay Samit (Former Vice Chairman of Deloitte), Jeff Garzik (Bitcoin Core Developer and Co-Founder of SpaceChain)

Click here for a full list of speakers and the event schedule.

World Digital Mining 


When: Sep 21-23, 2018

Where: Tbilisi, Georgia

The World Digital Mining Summit will span 3-days, featuring 30+ speakers, 50+ mining companies, and 1000+ attendees.

Key speakers during the event include: Jihan Wu (CEO of BITMAIN), Roger Ver (CEO of, Amaury Séchet (Bitcoin ABC Lead Developer) among many others.

Block Seoul


When: Sep 16-19, 2018

Where: Seoul, South Korea

The Block Seoul conference will feature an impressive line-up of 40+ expert speakers in the tech and crypto space. The event will also showcase a series of start-ups and ICOs looking to raise funding via investors, funds, and VCs from over 30 countries.

Speakers include Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia), General Michael Hayden (Former Director of CIA & NSA), and Bobby Lee (CEO and Co-Founder of BTCC) among many others. For a full list of speakers click here.

Consensus Singapore


When: Sep 19-20, 2018

Where: Marina Bay Stands Hotel, Singapore

Consensus Singapore, is set to attract 8,000+ attendees and will feature 75+ speakers and 50+ sponsors across 2 days of valuable insights, industry announcements, and cross-industry networking opportunities.

Notable spears among many include: Tim Byun (CEO of OKCoin USA Inc.), Vijay Ayyar (Global Head of Countries at Luno), David Chaum (Expert Cryptographer, Founder of DigiCash, and Current Leader of MixxChain) and DA Hongfei (Founder of NEO Foundation).

For a full list of speakers, please click here.