Want to get more involved in the crypto space? Here’s a small list of upcoming events for the upcoming week you can attend or monitor:

Network Upgrades, Hard Forks and Swaps: Network Token (NTWK) Token Swap, Radium (RADS) Hard Fork

Airdrops: Odyssey (OCN) Holders (OCP Airdrop), Pundi X (NPXS) Airdrop Snapshot, SelfSell (SSC) Holders (JR10 Aidrop)

ICOs Ending: Worldopoly (WPT), Memority (EMT), ENTRY (ENTRY), Optimal Shelf Availability Token (OSA), Loyakk Vega (LYK)

ICOs Starting: Aenco (AEN), Buddy (BUD), BetOnChart (CHART), GigTricks (GBTC), NextPakk (Pakka), World Bit Bank (WBBC)

Blockchain-related Events: Blockchain Summit (Singapore), Coinvention: The Future in Blockchain (United States)


Network Upgrades and Hard Forks

Network Token (NTWK) Token Swap – 27 August

Network Token is an Ethereum-based e-learning platform focused on providing users with an extensive crypto-related database of guides, tutorials, and videos. NTWK will be completing a full rebranding along with a token swap, for every 1 NTWK users will receive 3 BKU. Users should swap any tokens within 60 days of the swap going live.

Radium (RADS) Hard Fork –29 August

Radium is a protocol that aims to provide identity management and verification services that include secure voting, file signing, and proof-of-ownership. The Radium team are initiating a hard fork on the 29th of August. This fork is aimed at modifying the PoS yield schedule. The current PoS mechanism on the Radium protocol currently yields 0.25 RADS per block, and this is being adjusted to 0.50 RADS with a 3% annual decrease.



Odyssey (OCN) Holders – OCP Airdrop – 31 August 2018

Odyssey is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Odyssey’s mission is to build the next-generation decentralized sharing economy & peer-to-peer ecosystem. OCP is OCN Chain’s official payment token, which will be used in the Odyssey (OCN) ecosystem and OCN Chain to pay for services. An OCP Airdrop will occur on the 31st of August, in which 200 million OCP tokens are to be distributed to OCN holders in exact proportion to their holdings. This airdrop follows the original airdrop snapshot that occured on the 1st of August. A monthly airdrop will continue to issue 200 million OCP tokens for 50 months in total.

Pundi X (NPXS) Airdrop Snapshot – 31 August 2018

The Pundi X platform aims to feature retail intelligence, inventory management, order management, marketing, loyalty programs and transactions through mobile wallets and bank cards. The Pundi X token (NPXS) is an ERC-20 that will be used to both reward retailers and function as the medium of exchange within the platform. The next monthly airdrop snapshot for NPXS will occur on the 31st of August.

SelfSell (SSC) Holders – JR10 Airdrop – 1 September 2018

SelfCoin is a blockchain-based platform that enables users to launch their own token economy. SelfSell, a sub-brand of SelfCoin platform and on the first of every month, 10 million JR10 tokens in total will be given to users who have joined the SelfSell Keep Plan.



ICOs Ending:

Worldopoly (WPT) – Ends 27 August

Start Price: 0.12 USD, Funds Raised: – , Funding Target: – , Funding Cap: 150,000,000 WPT, Coins Offered: 150.00 M (75.00%). Worldopoly is a real-time multiplayer Blockchain-based mobile AR-game. The game provides the players with the chance to virtually buy or sell real-world streets, on which houses can be built and customized.

Memority (EMT) – Ends 31 August

Start Price: 0.1 USD, Funds Raised: $4.71M, Funding Target: 5,000,000 USD, Funding Cap: 85,500,000 USD, Coins Offered: 1.08 B (72.00%). Memority is a blockchain-based platform for encrypted decentralized cloud storage of valuable data.

ENTRY (ENTRY) – Ends 31 August

Start Price: 0.15 EUR, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 25,000,000 ENTRY, Funding Cap: 325,000,000 ENTRY, Coins Offered: 324.50 M (55.00%). ENTRY is a blockchain-based platform empowered by smart contracts which acts as a bank by offering deposits, payment and lending services, cross-border payments and ATM facility/convenient withdrawals. It also features a cryptocurrency exchange for the business and consumer world. Entry is an Ethereum-based token that serves as a medium of exchange on the Entry platform.

Mint (MNTS) – Ends 31 August

Start Price: 0.00077 ETH, Funds Raised: 525,646 USD, Funding Target: 12,000,000 USD, Funding Cap: 12,500,000 USD, Coins Offered: 375.00 M (75.00%). Incremint is a decentralized escrow platform for transactions with digital assets. The MNTS token is an ERC20 token that provides holders with discounts on all ICOs using Incremint, as well as voting rights on donations from the Incremint Foundation.

Optimal Shelf Availability Token (OSA) – Ends 31 August

Start Price: 0.0002 ETH, Funds Raised: 13,420,000 USD, Funding Target: -, Funding Cap: 40,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 115.71 M (22.50%). The OSA Decentralised (OCA DC) is a decentralized data marketplace built on the OSA Hybrid Platform, providing AI-driven solutions to retailers, manufacturers, and consumers. The platform is able improve upon and provide a solution to inefficiencies that hinder the retail industry today in three areas: inventory tracking, consumer trust, and product waste. The OSA token is used as network fuel, a payment method (B2C services, promotional offers, groceries) and as a platform reward.

Loyakk Vega (LYK) – Ends 31 August

Start Price: 0.5 GBP, Funds Raised: 15,700,000 USD, Funding Target: -, Funding Cap: 30,000,000 GBP, Coins Offered: 60.18 M (34.00%). The Loyakk Vega is a decentralized business relationship platform that aims to provide a secure and efficient exchange of critical data and value within business networks.

ICOs Starting:

Aenco (AEN) – Starts 1st Sept

Start Price: 0.1 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 15,000,000 USD, Funding Cap: 60,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 600.00 M (15.00%). Aenco is a healthcare financial solutions platform. Its main objective is to develop solutions for the HealthTech industry, such as institutional financing, prime brokerage, and smart capital solutions. The AEN token is an Ethereum-based (ERC223) cryptocurrency designed to power the activities of the Aenco ecosystem, applications, and its HealthTech network.

Buddy (BUD) – Starts 1st Sept

Start Price: 0.0002 ETH, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 8,000 ETH, Funding Cap: 60,000 ETH, Coins Offered: 402.00 M (60.00%). Buddy is a decentralized application development automation platform. BUD is an ERC20 utility token that powers the platform, working as the ‘gas’ that fuels the system.

BetOnChart (CHART) – Starts 1st Sept

Start Price: 0.001 ETH, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 5000 ETH, Funding Cap: 50000 ETH, Coins Offered: 35.00 M (70.00%). BetOnChart is a football betting platform that enables players to make in-play bets while following specific matches concurrently. BetOnChart (CHART) is an Ethereum-based token that serves as an in-game currency on the betting platform.

GigTricks (GBTC) – Starts 1st Sept

Start Price: 0.248 USD, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 2,500,000 USD, Funding Cap: 35,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 250.00 M (25.00%). GigTricks is an integrated ecosystem for the freelance economy that aims to solve the current trust and transparency issues between entrepreneurs and freelancers.

NextPakk (Pakka) – Starts 1st Sept

Start Price: 0.32 USD, Funds Raised: 993,000 USD, Funding Target: 1,000,000 USD, Funding Cap: 52,800,000 USD, Coins Offered: 200.00 M (20.00%). NextPakk is a Blockchain-based night-time delivery service that aims to solve the last-mile problem of missed deliveries in cities. The Pakka token is built on the Stellar Blockchain.

World Bit Bank (WBBC) – Starts 1st Sept

Start Price: 0.0037 ETH, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 250M USD, Funding Cap: 500M USD, Coins Offered: 375.00 M (75.00%). World Bit Bank is an international cryptocurrency bank. It is planning to buy nine existing banks from different countries and rebrand them to World Bit Bank. The WBBC is an Ethereum-based (ERC20) token. It will be the unit of account for all transactions in the WBB ecosystem and will serve as the currency for interaction with other supported digital services.



Blockchain Summit Singapore

blockchain summit singapore.png

When: August 28, 2018

Where: Singapore

One of the largest dedicated blockchain event comes to Singapore on the 28th of August. The 1-day conference will connect over 700 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators and investors. In addition to an informative display of content and several networking opportunities, case studies offer insight into how to deploy blockchain technology across various industries such as finance, insurance, entertainment and logistics to name a few.

This year, speakers will include the likes of Steve Leonard (Founding CEO, SGInnovate), Darian McBain (Global Director of Sustainable Development, Thai Union), Iris Taguet (Head of Blockchain Program, Air France KLM) among many others.


Coinvention: The Future in Blockchain



When: August 30 – 31, 2018

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Convention will host a wide selection of diverse and innovative speakers to discuss blockchain topics such as mass market blockchain adoption, regulation, and innovation. The event will be packed with presentations, Q&A sessions, as well as several panel discussions. There is also a free Coinvention hackathon and networking mixer the day before on the 30th of August.

Speakers during the main event include Kevin Owocki (CEO & Founder, Gitcoin), Nick Spanos (Founder, Zap.org), Lyn Ulbricht (CEO, FreeRoss.org) among many others.