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Want to get more involved in the crypto space? Here’s a small list of upcoming events for this week you can attend or monitor:

Airdrops: BIT.GAME (BGX), Heluss (HUT), Fantasy Sports Coin (FNTC) Airdrop Campaign

ICOs Ending: DNN Token (DNN), MCV Token (MCV), Zeew (ZEEW)

ICOs Starting: DESI (DESI), Rubius (RUBY), RoBust Defense Token (RBDT), CoTrader (COT)

Blockchain-related Events: BLOCKCHANCE Conference (Hamburg, Germany), Blockshow Americas 2018 (Las Vegas, US)


Elastos (ELA) Holders – BGX Airdrop – 21st August 2018

160 million BGX (BIT.GAME tokens) will be airdropped to Elastos (ELA) holders. The only exchange enabling this airdrop will be GAEX, so ELA holdings must be moved to this exchange in order to claim any BGX tokens. BIT.GAME aims to become a digital asset exchange for blockchain games.

Achain (ACT) Holders – Heluss (HUT) Airdrop – Last Snapshot 22nd August 2018

Heluss is a platform that aims to initially focus on providing travel insurance to users using blockchain technology, smart contracts and AI for claims processing. HUT tokens will be airdropped at a 1:1 ratio on the 22nd of August to every Achain token holder registered in the Achain loyalty program. The first holdings snapshot was on the July 28th, followed by seven additional snapshots occurring every 6 days. A total of 5 snapshots will be used to calculate an average ACT holding during this program – ACT holders will then receive 1 HUT for every average 1 ACT.

Fantasy Sports Coin (FNTC) – Airdrop Campaign Start – 21st August 2018

Fantasy Sports aims to become a universal fantasy sports crypto and payment gateway for fantasy sports platforms. Fantasy Sports Coin (FNTC) is an ERC20 Token that is utilized on the FNTC Fantasy platform as the core means of payment. In association with CoinChangeX, Fantasy Sports will initiate an airdrop campaign offering 250 FNTCs to celebrate the public launch of their coin. Registration for the airdrop campaign will run for 4 weeks, from the 21st August 2018 to the 18th September 2018. More information about this airdrop is due to be released by the project shortly.


ICOs Ending:

DNN Token (DNN) – Ends 22nd August 00:00

Start Price: $ 0.07392, Funds Raised: $ 2.48 M, Funding Target: -, Funding Cap: 70,000 ETH, Coins Offered: 400.00 M (40.00%). The DNN platform will focus on facilitating the dissemination of balanced and factual observation of current political affairs.

MCV Token (MCV) – Ends 20th August 00:00

Start Price: $ 0.3900, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 3,000,000 USD, Funding Cap: 106,600,000 USD, Coins Offered: 399.00 M (39.90%). The MCV-CAP project aims to further develop a digital bank called BCB4U, which will combine traditional banking services such as standing and collection orders, bank transfers, credit and debit cards, with new features provided by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The MCV Token is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network that serves as a voucher for a future BCB4U coin (on a 1:4 ratio).

Zeew (ZEEW) – Ends 20th August 11:00

Start Price: $ 0.05000, Funds Raised: -, Funding Target: 200,000, Funding Cap: 12,000,000, Coins Offered: 272.00 M (68.00%). Zeew is an on-demand delivery platform that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The platform aims to serve flower shops, pharmacies, cosmetic shops, printing houses and more, with the ultimate aim of allowing any business with multiple locations to monitor, track and deliver products in minutes.

ICOs Starting:

DESI (DESI) – Starts 20th August 2018 00:00 UTC

Start price: $ 0.08000, Funding target: 3,500,000 USD          , Funding cap: 32,000,000 USD, Coins offered: 409.85 M (51.00%). Desico is a decentralized ecosystem for security tokens. The DESI token is an ERC20 token that will serve as a payment method within the Desico Ecosystem and will give users certain benefits when acquiring security tokens.

Rubius (RUBY) – Starts 21st August 2018 18:00 UTC

Start price: $ 0.03800, Funding target: 2500 ETH, Funding cap: 19500 ETH, Coins offered: 210.00 M (70.00%). Rubius is a blockchain software company that develops cryptocurrency products, services, and solutions. RUBY is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token that will be used in all of their future products.

RoBust Defense Token (RBDT) – Starts 20th August 2018 14:35 UTC

Start Price: $ 76.85, Funding Target: 10,000 ETH, Funding Cap: 25,000 ETH, Coins Offered: 6.00 B (20.00%). The Romad Endpoint Defence is an antivirus project that aims to use an innovative patented approach to chase malware. This behavioural analysis tool classifies hundreds of millions of malware strains according to their genetic code and identifies the families that they belong to. RBDT is an Ethereum-based (ERC20) token that powers the Romad Endpoint Defence platform.

CoTrader (COT)Starts 20th August 2018 00:00 UTC

Start Price: $ 0.001000, Funding Target: 2,000,000 USD, Funding Cap: 10,000,000 USD, Coins Offered: 20.00 B (20.00%). CoTrader is a Blockchain-based investment funds marketplace. The COT token is an ERC20-based cryptocurrency that can be used by traders and co-traders to pay or receive fees.


BLOCKCHANCE Conference Hamburg 2018

When: Aug 24 – 25, 2018

Where: Hamburg, Germany

The BLOCKCHANCE Conference 2018 will open its doors to an impressive selection of corporate partners, innovators, developers, crypto enthusiasts and investors from August 24th to 25th. It will offer a great mix of expert talks, panel discussions, breakout sessions, expo and networking breaks.

Notable speakers include Mr. Synth (Founder, Skycoin), Bessem Ayari (Innovation Manager, Airbus ProtoSpace), Carsten Ovens (Representative, Hamburg State Parliament) and Peter Großkopf (CTO, solarisBank) among many others. For a full list of speakers and additional event information please click here.

Blockshow Americas 2018

When: Aug 20 – 21, 2018

Where: The Venetian, Las Vegas

Following the success of BlockShow Europe, which boasted 5000+ attendees, 250+ international speakers, and 170+ past exhibitors, BlockShow’s next event will take place in the Americas, starting with Las Vegas on August 20th.

The Main Stage of BlockShow Americas 2018 will be focussed on pressing issues related blockchain technology such as governmental initiatives, insights from central banks, as well as the latest updates on blockchain and law.

The Second Stage will present a spectrum of applications and use cases for blockchain technology. Experts speakers will answer questions and discuss how blockchain transforms and enhances the major industries of 2018.