The developers of Dash (DASH), an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), are reportedly experiencing some management problems. A proposal from SavingPrivateDash titled “Demote Ryan Taylor To An Advisory Role” was recently posted to one of Dash’s official websites.

The reasons listed in the proposal to demote Ryan Taylor, the CEO of Dash Core Group (DCG), include him allegedly “destroying the market’s confidence in Dash” by not following through on his commitments and not meeting deadlines for the cryptocurrency’s ongoing development.

Taylor is also being blamed by the proposal’s author for the decline in Dash’s value from 0.09 Bitcoin (BTC) to currently around 0.02 BTC.

According to the SavingPrivateDash, who operates one of Dash’s masternodes, Taylor had promised to develop vault accounts, easy-to-use mobile wallets, and a marketplace for the Dash platform, however, he has apparently failed to do so.

“Acting Irresponsibly”

Notably, SavingPrivateDash mentions in his proposal that Amanda Johnson, Dash’s official spokesperson, has given DCG until December 31st, 2018 to “deliver on Evolution”, an initiative that aims to make it easier for people to make digital payments even if they’re not tech-savvy.

The Dash masternode owner thinks that Evolution’s development won’t be completed by the end of this year because he claims that “there isn’t even a roadmap yet.” He adds that should Taylor present a roadmap, “there is no reason he should be believed.”

Going on to accusing Taylor for acting “irresponsibly”, SavingPrivateDash noted,

“Dash is now below $200, and $500,000 / 6176 = $80.95. That means if the DASH price goes below $80, not only there won't be funds for any other community projects, but also not enough to pay the salaries of DCG employees. The threshold for complete chaos is probably around $150-$160, because there are other financial obligations that they need to meet besides salaries.”

Dash's Masternode Operator SavingPrivateDash

Less Than 10% Agree With SavingPrivateDash

Despite the Dash masternode operator’s numerous stated reasons for demoting Dash’s CEO Taylor, which include lack of leadership skills and gross mismanagement of development funds, less than 10% (only 96 of 965) of the crypto’s community members voted in favor of his demotion.

Another masternode operator with the username malarchuck defended Taylor by noting that he had been working in the software development industry for 13 years and that “deadlines are impossible to meet.” Malarchuck also advised Taylor to hire a better communicator for Dash, implying that Amanda Johnson was not doing a satisfactory job.

Meanwhile, DCG member TroyDash defended Taylor as well by stating that he should not be blamed for mismanaging over “$30 million in funding” and “not creating a safety net for DCG”, as SavingPrivateDash has claimed in his proposal.

At “Fault For Misallocating Human Resources”

Looking at most of the responses to the proposal to demote Ryan Taylor, it seems that Dash’s community members think SavingPrivateDash has tried to unfairly hold the crypto’s CEO accountable for almost everything that may have gone wrong.

Moreover, SavingPrivateDash has also accused Taylor of not implementing several features “promised in Evolution.” These include not updating the website, the Dash Core Wallet, and not making PrivateSend (a funds transfer option that obscures the sender’s address) more efficient.

The masternode operator further claims that Taylor is at “fault for misallocating human resources” as he made the mistake for hiring Fernando Gutierrez as Dash’s chief marketing officer (CMO). SavingPrivateDash believes that Gutierrez “as a lawyer with no experience, creativity, or talent for marketing” has led to his disappointing “track record of zero results in [the] 8 months” since he was appointed as CMO.

“Bullshitting His Way With Meaningless Updates”

Dash’s business development process has also stagnated, according to SavingPrivateDash, because of Bradley Zastrow, who was reportedly hired in December, 2017. The masternode owner has again blamed Taylor for not hiring the right person for the job as he claims Zastrow :

“has been bullshitting his way with meaningless updates and also zero results. Things like ‘30 conversations focusing on 9 integrations’, and ‘30+ conversations focusing on 6 integrations’ are his way of saying he is working, but not delivering.”

Dash's Masternode Operator SavingPrivateDash

As mentioned, it clearly seems that most people do not agree with SavingPrivateDash as yet another Dash masternode operator with username splawik21 commented, 

“Look at the market in general and fire Charlier Lee, Roger Ver and Vitalik Buterin as well as their coins are not going well neither. Come on man. Really? Just relax.”

Dash Masternode Operator splawik21

As CryptoGlobe reported, Taylor does appear to be leading the Dash crypto project in a positive direction. He recently revealed that the Dash cryptocurrency is being accepted by an increasing number of retailers in Venezuela. Notably, the Dash CEO claims that an average of 200 merchants had been signing up to accept the cryptocurrency each month.