The seemingly never-ending drama surrounding crypto advocate John McAfee took a sinister turn today as the famous personality said an attempt on his life has been made.

Tweeting to his 830,000 followers, McAfee said that he was unconscious for 2 days following an apparent attempt on his life:

After a conspicuous three-day silence from the usually active twitter-user, McAfee also tweeted a picture of himself looking very worse for wear in a hospital bed – claiming he knows “exactly” who the perpetrators of the apparent attack are:

While the precise nature of the alleged attack is as yet unclear, McAfee’s wife – Janice – emphasised how precarious his security situation is, and pointed to the kind of perpetrator who might be responsible for the alleged attack:

Turbulent Time for McAfee

Following his announcement on Monday that he will no longer be promoting ICOs due to unspecified “threats from the SEC,” this latest twist in the saga appears to be a particularly shocking incident – even for the eccentric 72 year old – and undoubtedly more details will emerge as he recovers.


Featured Image Credit: “John McAfee” by “Gage Skidmore” via Flickr; licensed under: “CC BY 2.0”