Astrologers are now predicting huge gains for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Their predictions are reportedly drawing in a number of investors who are taking in their claims and buying cryptocurrencies as a result.

Marcus Thomas, a Chicago resident who recently found out about Bitcoin, was at first not convinced that an internet-based currency could have the same value as the US dollar or gold. However, Thomas has now reportedly bought $11,000 worth of cryptocurrencies.

The investor believes there’s a correlation between real-world events and the movement of celestial bodies. He claims the planet represents a positive sign for crypto as it moves into Taurus, which according to astrologists stands for finances. He stated:

“I knew then that astrology may not be an exact science but it has the ability to predict trends by casting a big net focusing on certain themes in present day. Uranus in Taurus — until 2026 [will bring] revolutionary innovations in areas of finance, climate, banking, farming and other earth-related things.”

Marcus Thomas

Notably, he decided to invest in digital currencies because astrologers said it was a wise move. Zodiac followers claim that it is the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies because a recent shift in the planet Uranus, which is moving from Aries to Taurus, is a sign they think represents financial change.  Others are following Thomas’ footsteps, including ex-NFL star Ricky Williams.

Astrologers and their followers believe that the behavior of planets, particularly their movement, determines our fate. Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe their cryptocurrency predictions are just as, if not more, reliable than technical analysis.  

Crypto Predictions

Arizona-based financial services company Merriman Market Analyst, which provides investment advice based on astrology, predicts Bitcoin’s price will drop between $4,400 and $1,300 before March 6.

Raymond Merriman, the firm’s president, claims this is because Uranus will move once again toward Aries during 2018, right before heading toward Taurus by March 6. Therefore, he says crypto traders should only invest in Bitcoin if its price falls below 77 percent of its all-time high of over $19,200.

Raymond added:

“In the next few years, there are going to be major changes in currency valuations and leadership, and new forms of currency.”

Raymond Merriman