Bitcoin Price

Global Fiat Failure Will Push Countries into Bitcoin, Says Max Keiser

Bitcoin bull and Keiser Report host Max Keiser says countries and central banks will turn to bitcoin as a hard asset in the even of global fiat failure.

Bitcoin Looking Topheavy at Bottom of Channel, Larger Uptrend Remains Strong — Price Analysis

The leading crypto looks ready for a dip after the important July breakout and steady August hold.

Raoul Pal: Bitcoin Forming ‘Incredibly Bullish’ Patterns

Former Goldman Sachs manager Raoul Pal said bitcoin is forming “incredibly bullish” chart patterns and predicted BTC would outperform all other assets over the next 24 months.

Tone Vays ‘Very Bullish’ On Bitcoin, Predicts Potential All-Time High

Popular crypto analyst Tone Vays is “very bullish” on bitcoin and says the crypto-asset can reach an all-time high if it sustains momentum above its trend line.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Closed Above Multi-Year Resistance, Massive Break Possible

A couple of respectable, but not huge surges have put Bitcoin within striking distance of a massive breakout. Most signs look good that it actually might happen — but it has not quite happened yet. More volume is needed most of all.

Bitcoin (BTC) Ready To Rocket or Plunge, Indicators Suggest

The culmination of over two months of churning looks like it must arrive soon, as mega Bitcoin moves have often been preceded by periods of calm such as this.

Bitcoin (BTC) Volume Lowest in Months, Poised for Massive Move Soon

Bitcoin is likely about to move, after months of sleeping, as consolidation solidifies around $9400 and volume trickles to nil.

This Indicator Suggests a Mega Bitcoin Breakout Will Arrive Soon

A hidden bull divergence at a very critical period suggests we could see a historic Bitcoin breakout soon.

Mixed Indicators on Bitcoin (BTC) Even As Monster Bull Signal Flashes Green

Signs of weakness are visible as Bitcoin trends within an uber-important resistance zone. But the Puell Multiple indicator is signalling bullish, presenting a mixed picture of the leading crypto.

PlanBs S2F Bitcoin (BTC) Indicator Turns Bullish for the Third Time Ever

A widely regarding Bitcoin indicator called the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) indicator just lit up bullish. The last two times that happened, we saw multi-year bull runs.

Bitcoin Racing for $20,000 Again After Bullish Monthly Close

BTC is, as we speak, challenging a three year old market structure. While the possibility of a fakeout is real, if we see a break here, $14k should come easily, and $20k without much more trouble.

This Hidden Indicator Suggests Bitcoin’s Price Will Rise After Golden Cross

A Hidden Bullish Divergence on the chart is suggesting a continuation in rising Bitcoin price, as an important event looms within the next month.

Bitcoin Currently Over $9600, but This Important Metric Suggests It’s Still Undervalued

The Puelle Multiple, which has accurately forecasted Bitcoin movements in the past, is now signalling a ‘BUY’.

Bitcoin (BTC) Could Quickly Return to $20K After Upcoming ‘Golden Cross’

A bullish Golden Cross could translate into an extremely important breakout, and send Bitcoin back to $20K with ease – with a bit of luck.

Historic Bitcoin Breakout Looms as Powell Issues Warning Price Analysis

Bitcoin still has the potential to execute what would be a historic breakout, paving the way to easily return to all time highs, but it can’t seem to get the extra umph to do so, and we might as well see a breakdown soon.