Fantom ($FTM)

Crypto Research Firm Delphi Digital: Ethereum Rival Fantom ($FTM) ‘Eyes Breakout’

On Friday (January 14), crypto research startup Delphi Digital looked at how $FTM has performed against $ETH and $USDT over the past six months. The research firm pointed out that: $FTM’s price action suggests that it is on the verge of a breakout. Although “TVLs across crypto have stagnated”, Fantom’s TVL is up 20% over […]

$FTM: Crypto VC Expects Fantom’s “Incredible Growth” To Continue in 2022

Earlier today, Austin Barack, Principal (Venture & Liquid Investments) at CoinFund, explained why Fantom ($FTM) “should be on everyone’s list of key projects to watch” in 2022. CoinFund, which was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in New York City and Miami, has “evolved a combined venture, liquid, and cryptonative strategy to grow with an […]

Fantom ($FTM) Price Surges 19% to Highest Level in 8 Days, So Far Up 13940% in 2021

On Tuesday (November 23), the price of $FTM, the native asset of Ethereum competitor Fantom got as high as $2.4435 at 16:22 p.m. UTC on crypto exchange Binance thanks to a steady stream of good news over the past several days. What is Fantom ($FTM)? Here is a little introduction by the Fantom team to this exciting crypto […]

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