On Friday (6 January 2023), Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder and CEO at Input Output Global (“IOG), the blockchain technology firm responsible for the development of Cardano ($ADA), shared some news about the world class health clinic he is building in Gillette, Wymoming, USA.

Hoskinson Health & Wellness Clinic says its goal is to “keep preventable diseases from occurring in the first place.”

According to a report by Wyoming Public Media, back in late September 2022, Dennis Jack, Director of Operations for Hoskinson Health and Wellness said:

We’re going to be taking care of the whole patient, not just I got a bum elbow, we’re going to find out why you had a bum elbow–did you fall because your blood pressure has not been taken care of [due to] blood sugar issues, we’re going to do a whole body review, systems review, I guess is the right word for it.

We’re going to really focus on how we can help you expand what we call your health span, and that’s the period of time where you can be in control of what’s happening with you, your lifespan. We’re trying to expand the abilities that you have as you get older...

The research that goes along with that really ties into the expanding your health span. So, is that nutrition, is it exercise physiology? We’re going to have both of those things involved, but it means that we’re going to find new innovative combinations of medication, supplements, diet, exercise–all of those things to help a patient expand their health span. If that works, then we’d like to be able to take that and replicate our concept in other locations.

The report went on to say that the driving forces behind this project are Dr. Mark Hoskinson and his two sons Dr. William Hoskinson and Charles Hoskinson.

Well, earlier today, the IOG CEO tweeted that his clinic (which was originally scheduled to fully open in December) will be open for business in February:

Even more interestingly, he confirmed that the new clinic will be accepting $ADA as a means of payment: