Multiple crypto-related records reportedly appear in the 2023 edition of the famous annual reference book Guinness World Records (which was “known from its inception in 1955 until 1999 as The Guinness Book of Records”).


Here are a few of the new entries in Guinness World Records:

First commercial Bitcoin transaction

Oldest cryptocurrency

First blockchain

Some of the other crypto-related new entries are

  • Largest bitcoin fraud
  • First Bitcoin transaction
  • First country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender
  • Most valuable cryptocurrency
  • First decentralized cryptocurrency

A Guinness World Records spokesperson told Cointelegraph:

We will be watching this space with interest over the next few years, as the technologies that underpin crypto develop and find a wider range of applications… Researching this title involved not only figuring out how to describe what a blockchain is […] but also putting into context decades of cryptocurrency research and what made it different to any earlier projects.

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Featured Image via Pixabay