On Wednesday (October 26), Jim Messina, the CEO of consulting firm The Messina Group, explained why he is so bullish on crypto in general and on Bitcoin in particular.

The former White House Deputy Chief of Staff made his comments about crypto during an interview on Fox Business (when Bitcoin was trading around $20,000).

Regarding blockchain and crypto, Messina said:

Look, I think blockchain and crypto is one of the most exciting developments in our lifetime. I think when this is all over, we’re going to be known this generation for Covid and for reimagining our financial system.

I’m incredibly bullish on this. I think it’s good to have a crypto winner, getting rid of some of the BS projects that are out there.

As for Bitcoin, he said:

Look, I’m bullish. I’m buying Bitcoin right now… I’ll bet you my Porsche it gets back to sixty.

According to a report published by CNBC on 19 September 2022, Messina is “bringing some hefty lobbying guidance to a London-based cryptocurrency trading platform as the industry braces for new regulations in the U.S. and abroad.”

Blockchain.com’s Chief Business Officer Lane Kasselman told CNBC that “the veteran political operative joined Blockchain.com’s board early last year, becoming a key advisor on its government relations and policy strategy.”

Kasselman added:

You can say that we are probably one of the most prolific companies when it comes to public policy engagement related in crypto globally, certainly in the U.S. and western Europe. That’s a direct result of Jim and his guidance on that front...

It’s core to our business belief that we should give people control of their assets and protect it from all other potential interference. And Jim really made us think through ‘what is that argument, what’s going to work in Brussels? What is that those members of parliament are worried about and how do we address these concerns?’…

And as a result of his counsel, having worked with heads of state across Europe for years, we crafted, I don’t want to call it a  campaign but sort of an argument that we went in and met with some of the ministers and won.

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