On Friday (October 7), a prominent crypto analyst gave high praise to Cardano-powered NFTs.

Yesterday, popular crypto analyst and influencer told his over 893K Twitter followers:

Interestingly, one day earlier, Pieter Nierop, the owner/operator of $ADA staking pool “Cardano Fans” explained the popularity of NFT projects on Cardano:

On 14 June 2022, Justin Williams, Vice President of NFT Development at Hit Network, “a conglomerate of creators that drives client vision via entertainment and education around the pillars of entrepreneurship, crypto, gaming, music, and sports”, commented on Cardano-based NFTs.

Williams pointed out that Cardano-based NFTs seem to be weathering the current bear market better than their Ethereum counterparts:

On 9 June 2022, Charles Hoskinson, who is Co-Founder and CEO of IO Global (aka “IOG”, formerly known as “IOHK”), did an interview with Yahoo Finance, during which he had this to say about Cardano’s NFT market:

One surprising area of growth on Cardano is in the NFT space. About 40% of all the applications that are being deployed are NFT-related… About $270 million a month in NFT volume. So, $3 billion a year, and there’s tons of incredible work in the metaverse space, like Cornucopias and others, and it’s really impressive to see how fast it’s grown in just the last year.

According to “opencnft.io“, here is the current state of Cardano’s NFT market:

Source: opencnft
Source: opencnft